Gates of Antares : Evacuation

Now that I've painted the bulk of my Algoryn, it's time for them to hit the table... in what is possibly a less-than-ideal mission for them.

+ + +

The Algoryn have discovered some possible Builder artefacts on a planet and are in the process of getting them off planet. 

Unfortunately a Freeborn force (the remnants of House K’yam) has intercepted the Algoryn transmissions and have decided to swoop in to grab the artefacts for themselves. 

The Algoryn have 2 AI squads (1 & 2) attempting to transmat the artefacts off planet. (For 2 points each). After both artefacts have been beamed off planet, the Algoryn can evacuate the rest of their squads off planet for 1 point each. 

The Freeborn get 1 point for each unit they kill and 2 for each artefact the Algoryn don’t manage to get off planet.

(This is a modification from the original scenario inspired by the version by the Tabletop Warlords).


The Freeborn surge forward but in their haste don’t manage to do anything to the Algoryn. 

The Algoryn manage to take out half a Freeborn X-launcher team and land 4 pins on the T7 transport forcing the Freeborn to pause to rally and remove all pins. 

The 2 AI squads struggle to get their precious cargo to the transmat. 


Lots of action!

Both Freeborn flying units move in a pincer. The Skyraiders zoom up the Freeborn left flank. The attack skimmer moves up the right flank and fires at the med team who go down to avoid certain death. One survives.

The T7 advances and fires at AI Squad (O). No casualties but manages a pin. The Vardanari disembark and  assault AI Squad (O). Both sides lose 1 trooper. It’s a draw! (Forgot to roll for break test). 

Feral squad (G) fires on AI Squad (Y) in the building. Total miss! The AI Squad reciprocates and because they lost their leader, forces the Feral squad down with 5 pins! (2 from an X-launcher net ammo and 3 from sling net and mag gun fire).

The T7 disgorges Domari Squad (G) who run into cover next to the Algoryn barricades. 

Meanwhile Algoryn Squad 1 manages to get their cargo off the transmat. One more to go!

The Algoryn X-launchers place 3-4 pins each onto Domari (Gr) and Feral (R) squads, forcing the Ferals to rally and the Domari to go down (failed command test). 

End of turn and Feral squad (G) stays down! No pins lost!

Algoryn : 2

Freeborn : 0

What’s next?


The Algoryn get off to a fine start when they manage to place pins on the Skyraider squad with AI squad (Y). 

The it all goes downhill as the transport and skimmer pour fire on AI Squad 2 carrying the last cargo, causing it to break and run off.  

The med team goes down again as the skimmer fires on it. It survives!

Then Domari Squad (G) assaults AI Squad (O) causing it to break as well. Domari (G) consolidates close to an AI support squad. 

Then disaster of disasters! The Freeborn X-launcher lands 2 pins on AI squad (Y) … and Domari squad (Gr) lands  3 pins (2 from slingnet and 1 from regular shooting). With pins = # of troops in the unit it takes a break test … and breaks under fire! (It rolled a 0. It would've just gone down under a normal "fail" result.) 

With not much left to fight for, AI Support (A) lands 2 pins on Feral (R). 

The Algoryn commander, seeing it’s impossible to complete the mission decides to cut his losses. He knows he will be reprimanded by the Algor High Command for this but he still orders all units to evacuate ASAP. AI Support (W) transmats off the table. 

Feral (R) shrugs off the pins and successfully sprints closer to the Algoryn base!

Algoryn : 3

Freeborn : 3

The game ends there as the Algoryn have no way to pick up the dropped artefact, handing 2 points over to the Freeborn, plus having lost 3 squads under fire, and being forced to abandon another 2 squads to the Freeborn, giving the Freeborn 7 points to 3.

(Turn 4 had Domari (G) run to occupy the transmat, preventing the remaining Algoryn units from beaming off planet).

+ + +

AAR: A very fun game that only lasted 3 turns since I tinkered around with the original scenario. It's supposed to favour the defenders. Which makes sense since the disparity in numbers is so great. 

Instead, overwhelming numbers plus firepower under marginally competent leadership will win 99 times out of 100.

I think I need to play this again but with the original scenario unmodified first.

On a positive note... it's nice to finally see my flying units and transports in action. This time round it's only the Freeborn. Next time will see the Algoryn flex their flying muscles.