Belated update

Chrome Hammer : Ascension

One game that will probably figure prominently in this blog in 2022 is Chrome Hammer : Ascension.

I had previously played Chrome Hammer (sans Ascension) earlier here, and didn’t find the experience enjoyable or rewarding. 

Turns out that was because I’d mixed elements of the original Chrome Hammer (PvP with some solo rules) with elements from Ascension (pure solo game)... two different games sharing some common rules and gameplay. Bad gamer. Bad, bad gamer.

So CH: Ascension is a spiritual offspring you might say of Shadowrun.

Cyberpunk? Check.

Dystopian future? Check.

Trolls, orcs, elves, dwarves? Check.

Dragons? Check.

Magic? Check.

Need I go on?

So I decided to get my crew of ‘Runners errr… gang together via 3D printing and here they are: 

My elf, troll mage, male orc, female orc, dwarf. I can use any human mini I own for my street samurai ronin.

I’m going to get them painted up, and let’s see where this goes.