Belated update

Antares: Thoughts on "Evacuation"

After playing 3 games (2 with “tweaked” scenario rules and 1 with standard scenario rules) here are some of my thoughts.

I’ve come to the conclusion that probably the best and simplest way to make this game remotely “balanced” (for lack of a better term to allow th attackers a possibility of winning), is to either allow the transmat array to activate only once a turn or have a “balky” transmat array that functions like the transmat in narrative scenario 4: “Bridgehead” where you roll to activate the transmat and if you fail you can’t activate any more for the rest of the turn.


Any tweaks similar to what the Tabletop Warlords did in their game here ended up in an attacker victory by end turn 2 or early turn 3… usually by a 3 to 2 margin in terms of VPs.

Then I misread the original scenario activation rules and only activated the transmit array once a turn… which made for a tense game.

The Algoryn attackers eventually won 9-8 which is a narrow enough win and they had to fight for it till turn 6.

Because otherwise if you use the scenario RAW, you can mathematically calculate the defenders will win either 10-5 or 9-7. 10-5 because the unit carrying the 4th artefact is dead meat given a competent attacker using Fast unit… or 9-7 depending on whether the sole “spare” defender unit not carrying an artefact can get off the transmat array when a defender die is pulled out of the bag first… or the attacker can get enough units in to finish it off before it can teleport off planet.

This narrative scenario could be part of a mini campaign where elements (500pts) of a 1500pt force could be holding the transmat array, so the unit composition doesn’t have to necessarily follow that of a standard 500pt skirmish force as it’s a “detachment” from a larger force, as long as the defending force totals 500pts.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on this very interesting scenario. Antares gamers, let me know what you think.

Some photos from my last game.

Freeborn T7 Transport shielding Feral (G) squad that's carrying an artefact:

Feral (R) destroys assaulting AI Infantry Squad (O)!!! (What?!!)

The Algoryn converge on the Freeborn outpost:

Intruder Skimmers assault Feral (G) squad... twice! But fail to break them:
Then the T7 destroys a skimmer, causing the squadron to break!

The Algoryn get a lucky break. The T7 loses 1 die and is immobilised and Down!

The AI Assault squad finally sees some action and blows up the already down T7 with their D-spinners: