2021 going bye-bye...

2021 is coming to a close and what a year it’s been! Mostly good, with some semblance of a return to normality in what the governments are calling the “new normal”. Ugh. It’s new. But normal it ain’t.

Anyway, 2021 saw a return to face to face games thanks to the availability of the vaccines so that was a big plus compared to last year.

I’ve also not been resting on my butt or only playing board games but have been busily painting up my Algoryn force to have a nice kick off to the resumption of non-solo Beyond the Gates of Antares games. Considering up until last month I only had one 3-man AI Command squad painted, I'd say that's not bad for 2 weeks work. Of course, I still have to base them... 😫

I still have 2 more AI Assault squads to go, a Defiant transport, two more support teams, an Infiltrator squad and General Ess Ma Rahq but the above will give me some nice 500-1000 point games as it is. Sadly, my Liberator isn't with me right now otherwise it'll make a good counterpoint to the C3M4 Combat Drone that can do double duty for the Freeborn and Concord C3 factions.

Also coming up… I’ve been looking at my list of solo skirmish games for a 2021 top 10 and boy, has the landscape changed! Games that were Honourable Mentions in 2020 have made it into the Top 10. Games that were in the Top 10 in 2020 have dropped to Honourable Mentions… or gone off the list entirely.

Watch this space!