Warhammer Underworlds Direchasm

My first few games of Direchasm were interesting. I had to play 2-handed of course and I really wanted to try the Crimson Court. So I assembled those and the Dread Pageant from the Direchasm core set.

Since this is a game of control and scoring glory for victory, you don’t necessarily win by killing all your enemies, but by disrupting their plans to score glory. I also discovered each model is pretty squishy. Some models only have 2 health, and if you land a hit… they’re gone. In a warband with only 4 models, you can see how that can set your plans back if you lose one or two on round 1.

Also, the game only goes for 3 rounds. Fast, short and sweet.

I also understand there’s an entire meta around the game where you will build decks according to whether you want to play a control, aggro or more balanced game (can’t recall the term now). Normally, that’s not my thing so I hope I can find some guys in my gaming group who just want to play for fun instead of being hyper competitive.

Pros: small warbands, fast to paint, plays like a board game with tabletop minis. Many paths to victory.

Cons: can be hyper competitive, beholden to GW’s whims and fancies of obsoleting entire warbands or “seasons” after some time to keep things fresh … but only if you’re into the tournament scene. For casual play, anything goes.

Meh: push fit minis. Can be super fiddly and have to take such care because the HIPS plastic can be fragile die to the model designs… lots of thin, spiky parts just begging to be snapped. But there’s no nonsense about fiddling about with glue and hoping the 2 pieces will bond when you release them.

Summary: the models are unique and one of the reasons I got them, so I can also use them in minis-agnostic skirmish games. The game seems OK, and there’s a fan-made solo mode I want to explore further.