So I did a Thing...

Boardgamegeek has a geeklist called "Solitaire Miniatures Games On Your Table" (SMGOYT) that I subscribe to.

The corollary to that list is "SMGOYT Made Me Buy This."

You can see where I'm going with this.

Now, I've been intrigued by Warhammer Underworlds and Warcry precisely because they are skirmish games, or in the case of Underworld more boardgame-like than skirmish as it uses a board and relies heaviliy on card play. Not that I'm going to get involved in Age of Sigmar any time soon, mind you.

But because those two games are primarily 2-player, I've passed them by.

Now, thanks to SMGOYT I learned there are fan-made AIs for both of these games and while I much prefer Warcry as a skirmish game, Underworlds is easier to get into ... because it's so much cheaper, and it also has smaller model counts.

So I picked up a Direchasm set and a couple of add on warbands. I need to assemble them first and we'll see what November brings.

An aside: "Push to fit" assembly sounds great. On paper. Then someone at Games Workshop decided that the house look of their minis would be thin, spiky designs on very hard, brittle plastic. Excellent, beautiful sculpts... and everyone warns you to BE VERY CAREFUL when you "push" these (sometimes tiny) parts "to fit".

Caveat emptor.

Rant over. 😜