Belated update

Re-starting Beyond the Gates of Antares


As the title says… now that I’m able to game face to face again, it’s time to bring out Beyond the Gates of Antares… “the bestest war-game there ever was” (according to the Tabletop Warlords on YouTube). 

So now I’m completing the builds for my Ghar Rebel forces (they do dual duty for normal Ghar Empire as well). There are outcast infantry squads, battle suits, tectorists, various light support weapons and the all-important command crawler for any games larger than 500 points.

I'm also working on my Fremen Freeborn, with 6 infantry squads, various light support weapons (including the invaluable X-launcher), a squad of flying penguins (aka. the Skyraiders), a Striker attack skimmer, and flying T7 transport and M4 combat drones aaaand... the insane Jedi Renegade Nu-hu meld!

And finally the Algoryns. 8 infantry squads (plus command), various light support weapons (including the invaluable X-launcher), the Avenger attack skimmer, Intruder scout skimmers, the don't-leave-home-without-them medic team and a Defiant flying transport.

Once all is done, I'll play a few games solo to reacquaint myself with the rules, then I'll take it forth to my gaming group.

Soon, my preciousssss... soooon....