Belated update

More Fallout And Judge Dredd


I was able to continue playing the Fallout and Judge Dredd introductory mini-campaigns a couple of weeks ago.

In Fallout I was the Survivors hunting for The Journal. This one was a tough one as I needed to find the safe (1 in 4 chance), then search for the key (1 in 8 chance) then bring the key to the safe, unlock it and make off the table with the journal.

All of this while the Super Mutants in all their glory (all have different stats now instead of the same) attempt to stop me from completing it within 6 turns.

Needless to say, I couldn’t do it. I managed to take down most of the Super Mutants, with Dogmeat being his usual MVP self… but it took precious time and so the Survivors couldn’t find the mysterious Journal in time. 

I found the key (B) and the safe where the Journal was located, but the Survivor carrying the key was killed and I couldn't get back to the key, bring it to the safe, unlock it and carry the Journal off the table with the time I had left.

For Judge Dredd, it was "Half-Eagle Day", where the punk gangers were not happy that the Judges interrupted their drug deal from the previous "Sugar 

Rush" game, and planned to take revenge by incapacitating a rookie Judge on her first street patrol. Unknown to them, the rookie judge was accompanied by a Senior Street Judge.

It was lots of fun, especially with the Armoury and Big Meg cards. In the end, the rookie judge escaped off the table… but not the Senior Street Judge, mainly because I failed to get his star chip bag in the bag, thus causing him to be pinned, and he couldn’t use his Gunfighter skill to shoot back when he was shot at.

Result: a draw, I think, since the victory condition was to have both Judges off the table (for a Judge win) or incapacitate both Judges (for a ganger win).

Personally, I prefer Judge Dredd as it’s fast and relatively streamlined. But my opponent preferred Fallout (due to him being a fan of the video game).

But both are fun games (even if Fallout is a bit too fiddly) and he was happy to play Dredd as well, so a win-win for all concerned.