Belated update

Face to Face

I managed to get in some face to face gaming with a friend as he wanted to learn about Fallout Wasteland Warfare and Warlord Game's Judge Dredd.

We set half a day aside and played the "Water Treatment Plant" tutorial from the FOWW core campaign book. He took the Super Mutants and I had the Survivors.

Short of it was, I won... but only because he was in an Infinity mindset where you can accomplish objectives even though you're engaged base-to-base with an enemy. So he delayed his Super Mutant activation till he could rush me all at once. The problem was, that gave me the opportunity to activate 4 pumps on turn 1, giving me 24,000 gallons of water out of the 30,000 I needed to win.

I couldn't do anything on turn 2 as all my humans were engaged with the Super Mutants. But Dogmeat was again the MVP as he knocked down the Super Mutant Brute down to only 1HP, allowing the Survivor Day One to finish him off (with great difficulty) on turn 2.

Then on turn 3, Dogmeat one-shot the Mutant Hound that was about to savage my Settler to death.

And then my friend just rolled 2 critical misses when his Super Mutant was in melee combat with another Settler.

And the Survivor Day One was able to activate the computer on turn 3 for 30,000 gallons of water because the Tech was still alive and in the zone.

I was expecting to lose, and reminded him again... why was he delaying activation? He'd played the "Fort Davis" scenario before, but I guess he forgot the rules as it was several weeks ago and I assumed he knew that once you're base to base with an enemy the only thing you can do is fight or run away.

Anyway after that we set up the "Sugar Rush" starter tutorial for Judge Dredd.

The first game was over in 10 minutes because my Judge's chip was the last to be pulled out on Turn 1... then again on turn 2 by which time (despite all cards I could play) he managed to get 2 punks off the table.

So we played again and this time he tried for a Judge KO. He almost succeeded when the extra reinforcement popped up behind my Judge on turn 2... but I was able to evade the first shot... and only took 2 damage from a point blank shotgun. (I allowed the second shot because I forgot I couldn't use Gunfighter while Pinned).

(Pardon the makeshift terrain. All his Infinity stuff was in the locker in the "gaming club".)

I then managed to do a Hunker Down on turn 2 to remove 1 damage from my Judge.

All this while I was pinned because I kept failing to put my star chip bag in the bag.

Then on Turn 3 my Judge's chip was (finally) the first to be drawn. I managed to pass the Cool test to remove my pin... and used 2 Snap Shots to incapacitate my second gang punk.

In the end, both games were a lot of fun, although I made lots of mistakes in Dredd (as I hadn't played it in 3 months) while I'd recently played FOWW so the rules were still fresh in my mind. But we made plans to play some more in 2 weeks' time as we wanted to roll more dice and both games were more focused on narrative game play rather than match play for objective points.