Back in the groove!

While I didn't manage to get in some solid gaming yesterday, I did manage to teach 2 games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

The players were new to the game and enjoyed it very much. To my surprise as one of them was a gamer's wife who'd only played X-Wing previously. She prefered FOWW to X-Wing. Surprise, surprise.

Then, time ran out but I was able to learn some core basics for Marvel Crisis Protocol using the core set (even though the guy teaching me owned a lot more stuff).

Some quick thoughts: FOWW is a fun, thematic game... but everyone agreed it was a bit fiddly and those tokens! Oy! But because I still own the 2-player Starter Set and there are lots of scenarios in there that can be played with just those limited minis... I'll continue to play it. Also, most of the minis have been or are in the process of being painted.

Marvel Crisis Protocol: another even more fun, more thematic game. I must say I prefer it to FOWW. But I'm not going to buy in to the game, though. There are several gamers in my group who own the core starter plus extras. I'll just play theirs.

Hopefully what with everyone being double jabbed and the gaming venue observing health protocols... I can slowly ease back into regular gaming goodness. Solo play will still be a thing... just not everything! (Just completed a solo game of FOWW so look out for the batrep soon).