Orcs and Slippery Stones

I spent the first week of September painting the enemy minis I needed to play this scenario and was able to speed paint thanks to contrast paints and a "no OCD" attitude. I'd painted the hero minis last month and spent more time on them.

The heroes from my previous games have been hired to free a village from a bunch of no-goodniks in the form of goblins and orc brutes. Victory is when no bad guys are left on the table.

The initial setup.

The heroes made good use of ranged attacks, especially the magic user with her fireball spell.

Snow almost got stung by a scorpion!

An orc brute spawned behind the heroes.

Then it started to rain, complicating my ranged attacks.

Then a whole bunch of enemies popped up behind the heroes! Then disaster as the archer (Wulf) failed ALL THREE of her activation rolls, enabling the goblin archer horde to move up and shoot her down. Is she dead? Severely wounded? Knocked out? No one knows... yet.

More fireball spells. 

Snow got ambushed by a goblin as she checked up on Wulf. Phew! Wulf's badly wounded but still able to limp along on half stats while Red (the free-looting rogue) finished off the goblin archers with her slingshot.

Meanwhile Calypso the magic user blew up most of the goblins (AoE fireball spell and some extremely good dice rolls). 

Snow narrowly avoided a bear trap.

In the end though, the goblins were routed after the wounded Wulf, needing a 14+ on a d20, managed the shot, killing the goblin that would tip the baddie's morale, making them flee the battlefield. Even the sole surviving orc brute decided to make for healthier climes.

The heroes made a killing with more than 200SP (silver pieces) in loot! Wulf would heal in between encounters.

AAR: That was a fun encounter and I'm glad I followed the setup limits for 1-player with 4 Player Characters as it meant I had (barely) enough painted minis to plop on the table. I trusted I only needed 2 painted orc brutes and sure enough every time I killed one, another one would spawn.

I'm wondering if it's too easy to "game" the system as there isn't a time limit on the scenario, so I can just roll 1d20 to activate, limiting the enemy reactions so I can get on with it. At least I wouldn't spectacularly fail 3 activation dice rolls, giving the goblin archers 3 activations (also luck of the draw from the event deck) to put my archer out of action.