More stuff painted!

Man, I am on a roll with the painting. (Which is why there's been a lack of updates this past week). Contrast paint has really improved my output dramatically. I don't use 100% contrast as I don't have all the paints, but I have enough to cover large swaths of the minis so I'm only left to touch up the details like armbands, belts etc. seeing about 50-70% of the mini already done in a minute or two gives me impetus to finish it off.

Presenting the minis for Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats.

The crew, in casual mode. I decided to do them in greyscale as an experiment. Since in game terms, the crew are nondescript and ignored by the bad guys, why not make them really nondescript colour-wise as well?

The crew in full colour action mode.

The bad guys, ranged and melee.

The full set, including expansions. 

Sadly, this is probably all that has been or will ever be produced for the game as GF9 don't seem to want to expand the 'verse. Who? Well, there are the Blue Sun guys... the Alliance... the Operatives (plural)... There's enough material for at least 2 more smaller expansions. And that's not including the named characters like Badger or Niska. Sigh.

Next post will be a Firefly Adventures scenario.

NOTE: I know the burning question for all my readers (all 3 of you) is: why the heck haven't I painted my Anyaral minis yet? I know... I know... you see, the answer is simple, it's because ooohhh.... shiiiny...!