Grimdark (mis)Adventures

I actually managed to get back into gaming with my group.

Was supposed to play with a friend's Marvel Crisis Protocol but unfortunately he forgot his dice and measuring tools. One big reason why bespoke dice and measuring tools suck.

So we defaulted to WH40K. (I know, I know.)

I played with the Eldar and Drukhari, a faction I'm TOTALLY unfamiliar with vs one of the Space Marine chapters.

It was very interesting. It felt a LOT like Warmachine what with the Psyker phase and special powers and cards. But unfortunately my time ran out and I had to leave mid-way Turn 2.

Also confirmed that I am definitely NOT a fan of UGO-IGO activations.

The models are sure pretty, though... GW knows how to make good-looking minis and models, that's for sure.