Belated update

Firefly Adventures: Special Delivery


Haha. After taking 5 days to completely paint all the minis, I couldn't wait to set up a game. I chose the "Special Delivery" mission. The game went as slick as a greased eel. Not a shot was fired!

The crew are hired to deliver a package to someone but the instructions were incomplete and so they have to find out who the target is. They have to pass "negotiate" tests, or hack computer terminals to discover the target's identity. All start in casual mode but the crew making the delivery will be in heroic mode when the delivery is made until the game's end condition is met.

Crew were Mal, Wash (first time I used him), Zoe (of course), Inara and Kaylee. 

Kaylee took care of the technical stuff, hacking terminals and opening doors. Zoe went in to grab the loot. 

Mal, together with Wash, managed to negotiate their way out of trouble. 

But the real star of this "episode" was Inara. She effortlessly charmed all the goons... 

...and delivered the package successfully. (Notice Mal and Wash in the background? They're blocking LOS from the Thug to Inara, enabling her to complete the delivery without triggering the Thug into Alert mode.

The highlight of the game was having the crew act all casual-like and obstruct the one active Cowboy (thanks to an event die roll) who was making a beeline for heroic Inara, but couldn't get LOS to her because Mal and Wash were in the way.

(NOTE: I think once an active Goon is in LOS of other Goons, then those Goons also become active. In this case, that Thug in the background should've become active as well and start chasing after Inara.)

Then they blocked him so he had to only squeeze past them next to the building, again not giving him LOS to Inara (who had to be heroic all the way to the game end) so she could walk to the M.U.L.E. and end the game.

AAR: That was a fun game. It could be the main "heist" of a TV episode, intercut with interesting stuff happening to the other characters who are back on board the Serenity to flesh out the episode.

I do have to admit though: having the expansions helped in this episode mission as I could tailor the crew to the mission. I'd expect it to be more difficult using just the base crew (no Inara) as the negotiation tests would be more difficult.

The game is just loads of fun, the system is smooth once you get the hang of the game flow... there's just a few niggles here and there that need clarification. Like: if I roll a "1" on the event chart and I don't have any "new Goon" to place... what do I do? Ignore it or choose a random Goon? I actually got this twice (out of 4 rolls) darn it. So the first time I ignored it. The second I randomly chose a Goon even though there were all not Alert and placed him as instructed.

Since this is a solo/co-op game with an emphasis on fun, I didn't let that stop me and just went with the flow. Whatever would make the story interesting, and as I played I couldn't help but visualise how the "episode" would go and even "hear" snatches of in-character dialogue. In this case, I could visualise the Cowboy making after Inara... with Mal and Wash "innocently" getting in his way, and he didn't want to cause a ruckus so he took the time to deal with them all the while keeping Inara in sight out of the corner of his eyes.

Getting paid: In the end, I got paid $7,000 and a pistol that Zoe looted. A Big Score! (The crew in the TV series should be so lucky...)