Firefly Adventures: Questionable Objectives

Since the table was already set up from the previous game, I thought I'd get a few more games in before I put the game away.

This is the second time I played the mission because I flubbed the mission rules so badly in my first game I'm considering it null and void. Any crew within 5 spaces of each other need to go heroic immediately. I forgot that.

This time, following those restrictions, the job actually went more smoothly. Aided by THREE unlocked doors! (I drew them all randomly out of a bag! Honest!)

Mission: Questionable Objectives

So an... associate of mine... has something what belongs to me. He just ain't got his head around that fact yet. Once you retrieve what's mine, we can inform him of the rights of the situation...

The crew needs to retrieve an unspecified object from the large central building. (Roll on table to determine object). Then get off the map with said object.

Crew used: Mal, Zoe, Kaylee and the two Tams (first time using them as well).


The starting game had all the crew moseying along, trying to act casual and avoiding too-close contact with each other (5 spaces, remember? Although I did house rule 5 spaces within LOS of each other so it felt more natural).

River needed to get into the building to check the terminal for intel, but couldn't because a thug was blocking the doorway. She needed Mal to get rid of a cowboy with LOS to her, so she could "dispose" of the thug. So to kill time, she hung around him, chatting him up. 

Mal did so and got rid of a grizzled cowboy ... and he did it so well he even permanently removed another nearby thug!

But before River could move, an event caused two cowboys to be suspicious of Mal and now there were TWO cowboys with LOS to River!

Mal and River exchanged looks.

Mal's said: "don't do anything until I get rid of these clowns."

River took it to mean: "we got to do something... now!"

So she promptly knocked out the thug! (Those who've watched the show can imagine this.)

Time to misbehave!

The cowboys shot at River. One actually hit but River did a kind of bullet-time and escaped unscathed. The Sharpshooter was so unnerved he missed both his shots! (That's Zoe rolling her eyes in the background.)

Meanwhile Kaylee moseyed up to a building. It was unlocked! She slipped inside and got $1000. Then she got out. 

Simon slipped inside the main building as that door was unlocked too! The Sharpshooter had abandoned his post. Inside was a safe! (Imagine Simon's face as he realised he had to manhandle that all the way to the door).

Mal shot the grizzled cowboy.

Zoe did in the Sharpshooter. She's in casual mode because she's shooting from cover and her weapon also gave her that ability. But you can imagine her rolling her eyes as she has to pull Mal's and River's fat out of the fire... again? ("Things always get a little more complicated, don't they?")

But that put a body in LOS of the Tracker cowboy who ran up right next to an innocent-looking Kaylee so he could get LOS to Zoe and Mal.

Kaylee immediately went all heroic and bopped him in the back with a knife. 

Twice! (The sad faces mean auto-fail. It's so funny and thematic, especially if you've watched the show as an innocent-looking Kaylee suddenly turns on the surprised cowboy). I actually had to take advantage of Kaylee because that cowboy is automatically in cover, so had a cover penalty of -3 to any crew shoot roll, making their shots pretty dicey.

Then Mal broke the lock to the door, and helped Simon manhandle the safe out of the building. Then supergirl River moved in and hauled the thing off the map in two activations! 

Zoe even had time to check out the cargo box in building 4... aided by yet ANOTHER unlocked door. She got Kaylee's thematic Monkey Wrench out of it.

Simon and Kaylee and Zoe then went all casual and moseyed off the table... leaving a trail of bodies in their wake!

Error: I overlooked the thug would've had LOS to the body of the grizzled cowboy and so would've been alerted immediately and rushed off to investigate. 

At the end of the day, the crew got paid. $3,000 for the safe. $1,000 that Kaylee er... "found". And another $1,000 for completing the mission before Moment 30. I did lose out on $1,000 because I wasn't able to get the safe without downing any Goons (cowboys or thugs). 

So I got $5,000 and a BIG SCORE!

AAR: What fun! River is such a powerhouse as she naturally rolls two dice in any task she attempts AND can brawl or shoot without any weapons! ("I can kill you with my mind.") Downside is she needs Simon to spend 2 Time to get her back to Casual mode. She can't do it by herself. So my initial fear that needing the crew to be 5 spaces away from each other or else they'd go Heroic wasn't a suitable fit for Simon and River Tam was... wrong. Because I was forced to split them up, Simon was able to capitalise on the Sharpshooter leaving his post so he could check the door. And it was unlocked!

I plan to make this game a part of my campaign, based on the Firefly The Board Game missions. It will be a combo of Niska's Holiday and the fan-made Beholden to Niska. The crew have borrowed money from Niska to repair the Serenity and need to pay him back. they need to be solid with Niska (give him $12,000) and THEN pay back the loan: 

By turn 10: deliver $10,000 

By turn 15: deliver $15,000 

By turn 20: deliver $20,000 

By turn 25: deliver $25,000 

After turn 25: deliver $30,000

That means I have 10 jobs to get $22,000!

Also to get solid with Niska, I'd have to mess up his nephew. This is the first part of messing up the nephew. I went in and grabbed the safe that Niska's nephew was going to deliver to Niska.

I need to get some campaigny stuff typed up before I can play (maintenance and fuel for the Serenity, crew events so that maybe some crew I want aren't available... just like the TV show, etc.). Otherwise it'd be too easy to get to $22,000 in 10 jobs.