Small Update

I might be quiet this last week or so but I've been busy behind the scenes.

Assembling and priming Anyaral is one of the main things I've been doing that's taking up my (limited) hobby time. 

That's the Casarnii on the right with lots of spears, and the technologically inclined religious zealots that are the Delgon on the left.

Hopefully I can get 200pts worth of models painted up before the end of August (haha).

I've also been revisiting a game I haven't played since 2014: the original Battlelore. Not sure if it belongs here since it's not really a skirmish game but a small army game. You have lots of units, but the units are small (infantry:4; cavalry:3) and you really only activate an average of 2-3 units each time you go, so it's not overwhelming. The activation cards do most of the heavy lifting.

And that's all for now. I'm planning to get a game of Hardwired excuse me Exploit Zero (stupid IP trolls) to the table soon as I realised I've been playing the game wrong all this time, thanks to me having pre-conceived notions on how a game should be played instead of actually reading the relevant rules.