Judge Dredd : Sweet Justice

The Justice Department is incensed at the High Rollers' audacity. But instead of making a full coordinated assault on the ganger's safe house in the Anne Wildcombe block, they opt to send 2 experienced Judges instead.

+ + +

The punks patrol their block house. They know the Justice Department is coming. A Heavy with an auto-stump guns patrols the rooftop. Another Heavy with a combat rifle stays in place, as he's got a good field of view. A third punk thinks maybe even with two pistols it isn't such a good idea to go up against the Judges... and stays in place.

Judge Cassidy moves in first, then slips off to try and flank the punks.

She succeeds and moves close to a Heavy with a Spit Pistol... and shoots him down.

Judge Ramirez moves into cover... and uses a Seeker on the hapless punk with two pistols. The punk doesn't know what hit him!

Two punks down. Two more to go!

Alerted now, the rest of the punks pour in as reinforcements.

In her eagerness to avenge her fallen comrade, Cassidy moved too close to the punks' zone. Even though he has Munce for Brains, a punk with a sawn off stump gun manages to surprise her, firing at her in her back. But Cassidy is a Senior Street Judge and isn't taken easily by surprise. She's pinned down by the weight of fire but otherwise manages to evade the bullets. She can't fire back, though.

The Heavy on the rooftop with the combat rifle now fires twice at Cassidy. Thankfully she's in cover and doesn't take any wounds. At all!

Another punk with a sawn off stump gun moves into cover behind a heavy barricade and fires at Cassidy. And again, the Judge manages to avoid getting hit!

Now it's the Judges' turn.

Ramirez moves out of cover and into the punk's rear. The punk goes down, but not before he manages to land a wound on the Judge in retaliation.

Three down! One more to go.

Now it's Cassidy's turn. She wants to bring it on, and moves out so the punk with the sawn off stump gun doesn't have any cover at all. The Judge fires her Lawgiver and brings down the 4th punk.

The message is given: The Justice Department will come after the punks until all are incapacitated or headed for Resyk.

The High Rollers decide Sector 43 is too hot for them and pull out, leaving behind over a million credits worth of pure Granulated White Zziz.

AAR: That was kind of tense. I first thought it was a disadvantage to have the Judge's chips getting pulled out so late in Turn 1... but it turned out to be a blessing in disduise as it meant the punks wouldn't have to spot the Judges when they activated, since the punks had already activated. That allowed the Judges to successfully get their chips back in the bag several times to pull off some attacks beyond what 2 models could normally do.

Also, I couldn't believe that Judge Cassidy actually managed to avoid taking any wounds after being fired on 4 times by 3 punks! And it was ironic the Ramirez (who only had one major shootout) was the one that got hit. Amazingly, the RNG deities were on the side of the JD as their attacks hit with full power. Most of the punks got smacked with 4 hits from the Judge's Lawgivers and couldn't block them all as they only had 2 dice for saving rolls. 

A fun end to the mini campaign in the intro booklet. From all the complaints I'd read about the game and how the Judges were underpowered and overcosted... I thought I'd be in for a tough fight. But the game was over by turn 2.

To be fair, a LOT depends on the roll of the dice. If the Judges hadn't managed to evade all those attacks... or failed to get their star chips back in the bag (like Cassidy did during the first turn)... or rolled fewer power hits... the game could've gone very differently as the punks could've used their superior numbers to manoeuvre around and behind the Judges and the resulting weight of fire would surely have brought down at least 1 Judge. Cassidy, probably as she only has 4 Cool compared to Ramirez' 5.