Belated update

Judge Dredd : Sugar Rush

Judge Kinsey comes upon 3 gang punks from the High Rollers pushing some Zizz outside the Bernie Sanders block. He shouts "I. AM. DA. LAW!!!!"  The punks are shocked at Judge Kinsey’s sudden appearance and two momentarily freeze up. 

The 1st punk barely manages to recover and walks hurridly away, trying to look innocent.

The 2nd punk comes out of it and sprints for safety! Trash and junk impede his progress so he doesn’t run as far as he wanted. But he's still far enough that catching him now will be difficult. 

Judge Kinsey ignores both of them, moves into cover and shoots the 3rd ganger. He hits and he does it again. The ganger goes down! 1 down, 1 more to go!

But another punk with a sawn-off stump gun appears behind Judge Kinsey!

Unfortunately for her, Judge Kinsey is an experienced street Judge and he shoots first. Success! 2 down. Can he get 1 more?

The 1st ganger can't make up his mind to sprint for safety like his friend... or try for the innocent look. In the end, he decides to try to continue looking innocent and walk slowly away. 

But Judge Kinsey isn't fooled. He sprints so he's in sight of the 1st punk... while the 2nd punk manages to escape! 

Judge Kinsey is uncharacteristically indecisive as he can't decide on which one  to pursue. 

Seeing the Judge behind him the 1st punk tries to sprint ... but stumbles on the junk on the streets, slowing him down. 

Judge Kinsey fires on him but the punk manages to block the hits. Even the Luck of Jovus doesn't help the Judge.

The punk fires back, but Judge Kinsey ignores the flying bullets and coolly returns fire, downing the hapless punk.

"3 bodies for Resyk!" reports Judge Kinsey.

+ + +

AAR: Now that I'm finally able to play Judge Dredd, I'm happy to report it's a fun implementation of the Strontium Dog system with some refinements. You can now stun your targets out of the game (you captured them) rather than killing them outright.

Vehicles and terrain have a much bigger role. And even the lowliest gang punk can now evade.

This particular intro scenario (from the On the Mean Streets of Sector 43 booklet) depends heavily on luck (pinning as many of the the punks pre-game as you can) and luck of the draw (hoping the Judge will manage to activate at least once before all 3 punks have their activations).

Then you better hope you can push your luck to get the Judge's star chip bag in the bag at least once during the first turn.

Unbalanced? Yup. Fun? Definitely!