Judge Dredd : Half Eagle Day

The High Rollers are none too pleased about the Judges busting some of their dealers. They vow to take revenge. A rookie Judge is going on her first patrol today and the High Roller vow to take her down to teach the Judges a lesson.

Pity no one told them the 'Baby Judge' would be accompanied by one of the toughest lawmen patrolling the streets of Sector 43...

+ + +

The punks ambush the Judges!

The punks start the ball rolling by firing on Senior Judge Ramirez. He returns fire. No one gets hurt as the punk and Judge manage to dodge the shots.

Ramirez sprints into cover. The nearby punk fires at him, and Ramirez fires back. The punk gets 1 wound.

Ramirez doesn't... but is knocked back by the auto stump gun! (Can't remember if he should also have been stunned).

Ramirez takes the opportunity to shoot at the nearest punk, downing him! Judge Harris sprints to join Ramirez.

Then... disaster strikes! An unseen punk slips in, close to the Judges and throws an incendiary! 

Neither manage to evade and the resulting blast kills the rookie Judge, and deals Ramirez one wound.

Ramirez goes again, but he needs to get away to report to Judge Central instead of gunning down all the punks on the spot!

AAR: This was probably one of the shortest games I ever played. It was all over by Turn 1!

And wow, that rookie Judge has worse stats than a basic gang punk! I think she's on par with the punk juves stat-wise.

She's dead meat in this scenario, but I think the Justice Department side won this encounter because: the punks need to down BOTH Judges to claim victory. The Judges need to prevent this from happening. Since the punks didn't get their victory condition... the Judges won a pyrrhic victory?

I think if I had the time, I could finish all 3 scenarios in an evening. They are that quick. But since I'm determined to use the games as an excuse to force me to paint the minis... that's not happening.

I'm also not used to having such wide open spaces to play in. Even with all the scatter on the crossroads. And as can be seen, if you're low ranked, combat (ranged of melee) is deadly.