More metal crack!

Otherwise known as "I have no willpower". 😝

Otherwise known as Anyaral: The World of Twilight, to give it its full name.

I tried and I tried to resist this for the longest time, mainly because I have SO MANY other games... but in the end I broke down because

- Kickstarter is on NOW (as of July 2021) and

- SOLO rules! (Because I know no one in my gaming circle will want to play this).

I like Anyaral because of the quirky designs of the minis (not a single homo sapiens in sight!) and the Rodney Matthews (look him up) esthetic.

It's also got my favourite mechanic (chit draw activation like Bolt Action/Gates of Antares) and an interesting combat sequence. Not sure what the percentages are using those combat tokens instead of dice, but... it's interesting. You get to use a number of tokens according to your model's stats and you choose how many defence and attack token you want to put in a cup. Then you shake them and when they land on the table, face up tokens are successes. Successful defence tokens block successful attack tokens and if you have any unblocked attacks, you make a saving roll with 1d6. If you draw 2 Combat tokens (the orange ones) the turn ends, even if there are activation tokens left in the bag.

The world building is also interesting. There are several tribes in this world, and the remnants of an empire or two. The kingdoms have all been thrown into chaos and warfare because a tribe (kingdom?) from the North, the Delgon have embarked on a religion-fueled war of expansion. 

The factions I intend to get are the Casanii (a diverse race of fierce Fubarnii warriors who live in the vast territories of the Southern Empire. The Casanii are skilled warriors, accompanied by elite cavalry and powerful beasts)... 

...and the Delgon who have broken forth from the frozen mountains to the North of the Empire. Their powerful armies include many steam-punk style devices and are lead by their gods, the mighty Enarii. 

There are (so far) a total of 6 factions broken down into several sub-factions each to tinker with.

The Kickstarter is here. 

The website (worldbuilding and store) is here. 

And the rules, background and mobile/PC apps are available here.