July update

Bad news... no games so far, because I had to prepare to be reunited with most of my games... which are located in another country. Not an easy thing with Covid raging uncontrolled here thanks to the explosion of the Delhi (Delta) variant and the post-Eid celebrations where so many people still don't understand about SOPs and NOT MIXING IN LARGE GROUPS if unvaccinated. We are now seeing the fallout with the medical/hospital systems being overwhelmed.

Good news: the move is DONE! So expect to see stuff about Gates of Antares, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Pulp Alley etc. etc. etc. All the games that have been missing from my blog in the past year.

Badder news: I wasn't able to pack all my 15mm stuff so... the 5 Parsecs adventures of 'Doc' and the crew of the Straight Arrow are on hiatus for the nonce. Ditto Red and the Red Hand warband.

Gooder news: I'll start a fresh new crew using the 3e rules for 5 Parsecs... and probably 5 Leagues also but in 28mm.

So once we get settled in again, look for new posts either end July or early August.

The best is yet to come!

EDIT: Plan to base, prime and paint my Strontium Dog minis.