A quiet time


I've not updated in a while not because I've no time but because I've just received my solo/co-op expansion for Okko Chronicles and I've been busy playing the game. I received the game first in 2019, but the problem was it features investigations, not just combat as is normal for dungeon crawl type games like this. Hence it's a bit difficult to play solo due to the hidden info required.

Investigations in the sense that you also need to interrogate suspects in order to find clues to unmask the disguised Oni (demon) before you have a final showdown with the demon.

Investigations : examining a severed head, and interrogating suspects.

Now this expansion is out, and I've been enjoying playing the game solo. The investigations add a nice touch and the game (usually) feels like a medieval samurai version of Rainbow 6, where stealth and avoidance of combat (if possible) is the way to victory. Of course, there are also scenarios that feature pure combat, kill everyone, or else a scenario objective e.g. retrieve the forged passes to enter the forbidden areas in the Daimyo's court to further your investigation.

Once I've finished my (branching!) campaign, it'll be back to Horizon Wars and 5 Parsecs.