The Red Hand's return to Djanzaban was much more welcoming this time around. Especially after they informed the villagers of their grisly find in the aftermath of the battle with the smugglers. There was much wailing and tears among the womenfolk for their lost husbands and brothers and children. but at least there was also a sense of closure.

A local smith comes up to the Red Hand and presses a fine mace upon them. His son was one of those taken by the slavers. 

Even the village elders deign to nod at the Red Hand as they pass by.

All in all, things are looking up.

Val heads out again, but this time comes back empty handed. The herbs have all been foraged out. Sonya finds some tracks but they are at least a week old. 

After resting up, the Red Hand head out again. They buy more bandages and pass up the opportunity to buy a quick war spear. It's a good thing they did, because this time they don't meet anyone out and about. No travellers. No new threats. It's as if the activities of the warband over the last two weeks have acted as a warning to the surrounding area and those with an evil bent seem to be giving Djanzaban a wide berth.

The warband heads back to Djanzaban. They decide to use the quiet time to build up. Crow focuses on some studies and gains the Librarian skill after a a prolonged period of much frustration and failure. Red works out. She's been neglecting herself and builds up her Toughness. Sonya sharpens her Agility by having the arrows Batu shoots at her every day. Val fences with Conn and Karl to build up her Combat. In between bursts of studying, Crow also joins Sonya to sharpen her Agility. Karl joins Red in working out to increase his Toughness. Karl spends a lot of time with grizzled warriors from the village, learning about the Tactics the locals use to fight.

But the peace and quiet don't last. Trouble is looming...