Conan in 15mm

As you all know, I've been playing some games of CROM, Skirmish Games in the Hyborian Age using my Monolith Conan minis.

What you might not be aware of is that CROM is actually meant to be played in 15mm! I certainly wasn't. It's not explicitly stated anywhere in the rules and even the gameplay examples are all using 28mm.

So a bit of searching via Duck Duck Go (why are you still using Google?) led me to Burning Sands from Crom's Anvil. It's an offshoot of CROM (you can vaguely see its antecedents far off in the horizon if you squint). And I discovered (much as the creator of Burning Sands) that:

  1. It's not easy to find well sculpted 15mm minis. Many of them are just blobs.
  2. It's not easy to find well sculpted 15mm minis for Hyborian Age skirmish games. Or skirmish games in general that are NOT based on D&D.
  3. It's downright near impossible to find well sculpted 15mm minis for a Hyborian Age skirmish game set in the desert!

All of this is a long roundabout way to say that yes... I've bought a bunch of new minis (did I mention I have no willpower?) and yes I'm going to be starting 15mm gaming as the attraction is lower cost, smaller storage area and smaller table size.

Here are the minis I bought off the Crom's Anvil site that's designed for Burning Sands:

Not-Conan, not-Valeria in front. Not-Subotai and a bunch of supporting characters in the second row. A bunch of NPCs in the third row. The next few rows are inhabitants of the area  that may, or may not, be adversaries/allies of not-Conan and not-Valeria. The last rows are encounters: hyenas, ghouls, Great Apes etc.

I do have a few more minis coming from the excellent Copplestone Castings in 15mm. Some Northern Barbarians and some Picts who will double as proxies for Black Kingdom tribesmen.

So the setting will be the outpost of Ashkelon somewhere in the desert between Turan, Stygia and Shem. The Turanians have invaded during the time of King Yildiz but were forced back in the time of his son, Yezdigerd. Thus there are two factions in the outpost with pretensions of being a town: Turanians left behind when empire receeded, who have decided to stay on. And the locals, a mixture of inhabitants from the Black Kingdoms to the South and the local desert peoples. Each faction has conflicting agendas and plans.

The shadow haunted ruins of Kuthchemes is to the west. And who knows what else is hidden in the time lost sands?

Into this milieu comes not-Valeria with her sometime ally and rival not-Conan.

What will their adventures hold?

(PS. This is NOT my only foray into 15mm. For some reason, I've also decided to go 15mm for Horizon Wars Zero Dark, Zone Alfa and 5 Parsecs from Home. Never let it be said I do things by halves!)