Belated update


The Red Hand return to Dzanjaban and are surprised to be greeted by a few smiles from the locals. Someone must have spread the word about the barbarian pillagers. A scholarly type comes up to the warband and after some talk, Red goes off with him.

Mindful of the fact their warband's funds (healthier now thanks to the pillagers being pillaged) are still low, and watched over by Sonya, the others disperse. 

Since her earlier scouting mission was successful, Sonya heads out again. Her Tracking skills find more signs of a couple of armed groups. Val goes Foraging again and finds enough herbs for Crow to make 2 Protective Herbal potions.

After several days, Red gathers the warband. The Scholar has given her some introductions to some local merchants and leading figures. They implore the Red Hand to do something about the turmoil that has beset the region around Dzanjaban. It's unspoken that since the Red Hand was part of the problem, they should also be part of the solution.

So, it's time to head out again.

As the Red Hand leave the village, they come across the entourage of a wealthy noble. She passes them by without even a glance at the warlike crew. 


The Red Hand move out. Sonya has discovered something interesting. A location that’s been used by ‘interested parties’ to pick up and drop off goods. Must be the usual entry point for smugglers to bring their goods in and out of the region, as this area isn't beholden to any of the petty kingdoms dotting Katanga. 

The Red Hand don't wait long. As evening falls, groups of shadowy figures approach. 

There are two groups. One must be delivering the goods... the other picking them up. So the Red Hand also split in two. 

Since the Red Hand have the drop on the smugglers, Batu and Val shoot their bows. Val downs one smuggler. Batu misses.  


Val and Batu shoot again. Val misses! Batu hits. Another smuggler down!

The rest of the Red Hand falls down upon the surprised smugglers. An easy skirmish, thinks Red as she charges forward.

That's when the wagon wheel splattered the cow dung all over her face as an odd glow, accompanied by weird chanting, comes from the cloaked figure at the rear.

Damn! A sorceror! Crow's small magicks can't do anything against someone like that!

Val also spots he sorcerer and feels a tingling sensation all around her. Uh oh. 

The Sorcerer and the last smuggler in their group run for cover. 

The other smuggler group charges at Red’s group. 

Sonya and Erland dash towards the Sorcerer.


It’s dire time for Val! The Red Hand need to get to the Sorcerer... fast! Before he can complete his curse. 

Not having a clear line of sight to their targets, Batu and Val dash closer to the chanting sorcerer. Sonya and Erland do likewise. 

Red knows she can’t reach the sorcerer in time. So she waits for the other smuggler group. 

Thankfully the sight of the Red Hand warband bearing down on him has flustered the Sorcerer. He hasn’t completed his death curse yet! There’s still time!

A smuggler charges Sonya. They trade blows. Then the sorcerer abandons his spell and attacks Sonya. She cuts him down with her bastard sword. 

The three smugglers run raggedly at Red. She cuts the first down as he’s unaware that he’s outnumbered... then the second. They are really rather poor fighters. The third stops short... and is attacked by Karl and Conn. Conn deals the fatal blow. 

Seeing the rest of his comrades and employer cut down, the remaining smuggler takes to his heels!

The Red Hand hold the field! Crow is understandably miffed. You didn’t give me anything to do! she complains.

Val just breathes a sigh of relief. 


The Red Hand goes about looting the dead. As they do so, an awful stench greets them. It seems the smugglers weren’t just involved in smuggling contraband but also humans. And they weren’t loath to dispose of those who couldn’t make the long journey to the slave markets. 

They find some gold and protective herbs. 

They also discover just what it is that has a sorcerer consorting with a group of smugglers: a stash of the forbidden black lotus! It’s not something the Red Hand want to get involved in at all even though the deadly drug is highly lucrative. They burn the cursed stuff in a roaring blaze and return to Dzanjaban.