Belated update

15mm adventures: Five Parsecs From Home


After a lot of false starts and broken promises (to myself) I finally got this on the table. It's a bit tricky knowing exactly how to play as more stuff happens off the table than on. Meaning the RPG, campaign stuff takes up quite a fair bit of time as well... especially when you want to build a narrative around your ship's crew.

This was the first scenario in the free intro campaign. Just a small, easy firefight with a gang of hapless punks.

Nothing much to report. The punks were killed and their nerve broke and the survivors ran away.

What I liked was the way activation worked: I can see that when I level up my crew, I'll get better. But right now, needing mostly "1"s to activate my crew ahead of the AI punks is interesting. I keep rolling "1"s when shooting (I need 5+ to hit) and anything but "1"s when rolling for activation!

Not a fan of the "move it or lose it" action sequence, though. SO outmoded in this day and age. Descent 2nd Ed. for all it's pros and cons at least had this right: move, perform an action... then if you still had movement left over, you could use it.

The other part that got me a bit confused was the scale.  

I decided to play on a 2x2 mat using 15mm minis I just received from Khurasan (hence the unpainted minis) and cm for measurement, even though the rules said keep to the measurements as the game plays OK at 15mm or 28mm.

I found only being able to move 4cm a turn... a bit boring and it takes a long while to get to grips with the foes.

A quick trip to BGG cleared it up: I still play on a 3x3 map, even when playing 15mm and I do use inches when measuring.

But now I'm in a quandary: I already have a crew and they've already started their campaign (minus the tabletop battle) when the free intro campaign came out.

So do I continue the game with my crew as is (throwing out my nascent campaign)... or start a new crew and continue the intro campaign?