The State of the Minis: February 2021

After all the Covid lockdowns, delays etc., I finally got my Battlespace stuff.

My fire team: British 2nd Rifles that saw action in Syria and Iraq (Caesar 1/72 British Infantry). Versus the ISIS fighters in Mosul. (Caesar 1/72 Mid-East Militia). Yeah, they are quite sad, I know. I need to get motivated to BASE them. Painting is the easy part. I hate basing. Unless anyone has a quick and easy solution?
The Caesar 1/72 Modern Urban Resisters aren't in yet. My Mars 1/72 Mujahideen arrived from Ukraine but this is what was in the package:
Crazy, right? (The seller is from the Ukraine but has said he will send the correct item so let's see.)

My 1/72 Warrior IFV (Trumpeter) is also on the way... maybe end Feb early March. 

My terrain also arrived. (Will have separate review of the terrain later).
So let's see what I can do. (Included some 1/72 Italeri Walls and Ruins):
Meanwhile, my Infinity Onyx Force is being painted in stages. This will do double duty as my Corrupted L'Orani for Star Breach. 
A side project: My one wave Tainted Grail has arrived and I'm also in the process of slapping some paint on the minis. Looking to spend a total of about 60-90 minutes per mini as part of my "No-OCD Painting" philosophy.  I set a timer for myself and will stop when time runs out. Ditto the boardgames minis from The Hunters AD 2114; The Others: 7 Sins; Zombicide: Invaders and Descent 2nd Ed. for Zona Alfa. Goodness knows when that'll be though.