Belated update

Star Breach WIP

I've been inspired to assemble and paint my Infinity Combined Army minis since the lockdown and I've been separated from most of my minis for the time being.

So without further ado, the WIP of my first Onyx Contact Force mini: the Ovidron Batroid.
This has also helped me to learn some new techniques, especially to see what works for a mostly black and red army. (Hint: lots of dry brushing and over brushing). This will be my template for my Onyx and Shavastii* going forward.

These minis will now be my permanent Corrupted L'Orani Star Breach war band from now on, instead of the AT-43 Therian minis I've been using so far. That's because the Infinity Combined Army minis are that cool that I just had to paint them...and you all know I'm not a big fan of painting. I'll probably also go through my Nomads and Haqqislam and Tohaa minis to build and paint for my Nomadic Raiders war band.

*Yeah, I got the CA half of the Operation Wildfire battle box 😝.