State of the Minis

I finally broke down and opened my Onyx Contact Force 300pt army box for Infinity. I figured I could use them to play vs. my friend's Tohaa, plus also use them as my Corrupted L'Orani for Star Breach.
They look really nice and weren't all that difficult to assemble ... with the exception of the Maakrep Tracker + Sniper Rifle. The arms just would NOT align. In the end I gave up and used plastic putty to fill the gaps.
I also broke down (Black Friday) and got the Betrayal GN from my FLGS to get the exclusive (FOMO, ha) Ko Dali mini. She looks nice, too.
My Haqqislam minis are all assembled, primed and based.
I got the Avicenna merc from my FLGS for a nice Black Friday discount, just because the sculpt is so cool. (Need to prime before I attach the right arm in front of her face).
Now to assemble whatever Tohaa minis I have on hand since I'm separated from my main Tohaa force. I got the Rasail Boarding Team from my FLGS, and the now out-of-print Gorgos TAG from Miniature Market a couple of years ago. 
I do have the Nomads Gecko pilot but won't be assembling that one as all my Nomads are on transparent bases and (yes, wait for it) I'm also separated from my acrylic bases. I also got the exclusive Druze hacker from my friend.
Next step: basing and priming all that bare metal. Of course, the Onyx will be primed black. I'm just wondering whether to prime Tohaa black or white, since their colours are quite bright and the Chaksas have bright orange armour. The Haqqislam minis (that I'm using for Horizon Wars Zero Dawn) will be slowly painted in whatever bits and pieces of time I have.

My PHR arrived (as mentioned in an earlier post) so I assembled them. I now realise getting the Mercury scouts was the wrong move, as was getting TWO blisters of Valkyries in lieu of the Sirens. Sigh. Not a big fan of resins. The Commander was particularly bad with unsightly gaps at the joins.
My Shaltari stuff also arrived from TTCombat... but my order from Element Games did NOT. It's been delayed since Nov 6... mostly due to TTCombat not being able to provide them with a Firedrake. Then I asked for store credit so that my Shaltari starter would ship... and now I have nothing because they allocated my order to someone else (presumably) when they actually told me they were only waiting on the Firedrake. Sigh.
So now I have a Jaguar and some Samurai... but nothing else.

Finally got my Hunter Tracker! Now to assemble it, something I haven't done since secondary school (High School for Americans) when I used to assemble and paint Tamiya and Airfix models.
Now to get a reasonably cheap Abrams M1... the Tamiya version is a wee bit expensive for what I want it for, so I'm looking at getting a cheap metal die cast M1 toy (at half the price) and "grunging" it up with dirt, paint and some greeblies.
What do you all think?

I have an Algoryn AI Assault Command Squad with me so I figured I might as well assemble, base and prime the models as goodness knows when I'll be able to be reunited with the rest of my minis...

So that's all for now. In between assembling, basing (not my favourite activity), priming and playing my new board games that have popped up in my mailbox (CMON's Bloodborne The Board Game, Diceborn Heroes, Marvel Champions, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion and Tidal Blades) I figure I've got plenty on my plate to last me for a couple of months.