As I've mentioned earlier thanks to Covid, I'm separated from most of my tabletop minis. Whatever few I have with me now (Dust Tactics, Dropzone Commander, parts of Deadzone, Wrath of Kings) I've already dug out and prepped. I've played Dropzone and want more! I've ordered more stuff for my factions (including a new Shaltari faction) but it's all delayed due to Covid ... or TTCombat's inability to keep stock. This latter can be good if the reason is the game's popular and stock is flying off the shelves. Not good if TTCombat is so overwhelmed it can't meet up with demand.

So I rooted around in my (extremely) messy storeroom, and discovered some more odds and ends: enough Infinity minis to put together a small 150 point Haqqislam army for Recon+ games. Or the new CodeOne (even though I'm not a fan of the smaller 2x3 tables).

Now, Infinity isn't a game that you can easily play solo. Even to learn the rules. Thankfully I've a friend who still kept his Tohaa army (even though he's nuts about Marvel Crisis Protocol right now... another game I've yet to play thanks to you-know-what.)

I assembled my Hassassin Bahram starter and the irregular Ghazi Muttawi'ah's (very necessary to get smoke grenades).

However, assembling minis in the firing guns pose is always a pain because the arm covers the body, so I need to only glue one arm, prime and paint the body, then glue the other arm on. Does anyone have a way around this? (Besides just glueing the arms and painting the body as best as you can, that is )

Anyway, I figure I still have some time to paint and base 10 minis before I can play against my friend's Tohaa... all thanks to the Covid lockdowns. Sigh. 

Hopefully I'll get some relief come Dec 6... and the lockdowns ease up a little, enough for us to be able to meet up again.

Meanwhile, I finally got my hands on some dice (d12 for Zero Dark and blanks for Star Breach) so I plan to use 4 of the minis for Horizon Wars: Zero Dark and Hardwired Cyberpunk so I can get gaming again.

I'm also making some DIY dice for Star Breach, another fun game. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit more gaming in for December. November was pretty bad, with only 3 games of DZC.

Latest state of the Infinity minis: all based thanks to Uncle Atom's tip on using baking soda for the bases and all are now primed. (I haven't yet decided what to do for the extremely pricey Ko Dali Betrayal exclusive mini... normal Infinity bases... or transparent ones like my Nomads?).