Belated update

2020 Top 10 Countdown of solo skirmish games #6


Including this is a bit of a cheat. While there is a solo variant, involving lots and lots of space zombies and a specific mission campaign for the game... I've never played it.

What I have done is play the normal game 2-handed solo. Not too bad at 100 points as you'e only dealing with 3-5 models a side. 

Deadzone 2.0 would rank higher but for the fact I've yet to completely finalise my Mantic terrain, so I don't play it as often as I should. I've painted my Rebs faction, primed my Forge Fathers and re-assembled my Enforcers and Plague from 1.0. What I haven't done yet is paint any of the minis aside from the Rebs.

The 2.0 version also flows much faster and smoother, although I do mourn the loss of some really fun, cinematic stuff you could find in 1.0. But it was fiddly. So the trade off is losing some of the fun but fiddly stuff for a faster, smoother game.

Resolution for 2021: finish off my terrain so this hits the table more often.


Sellswords and Spellsingers. This one (again available on DTRPG) is another minis agnostic fantasy skirmish game based off the Song of Blades and Heroes system with pregenerated characters and monsters together with some spells and item cards. The enemy is controlled by an AI deck. I don't know why I haven't played this yet. I've printed out all the cards and sleeved them. I've got all the minis thanks to CMON's Massive Darkness board game. So I just don't know why this remains unplayed. Hence its inclusion here. This needs to hit the table in 2021.