Belated update

2020 Top 10 Countdown of solo skirmish games #2


The top two positions are so hard for me to rank as I enjoy both games so much. In the end though, Star Breach gets #2 placing because its solo mode actually requires a separate rule set (that's about 90% compatible with the core rules) and tailored solo missions, so it's not just grab some minis, set up the table and play.

That said, even the core game is very solo-able due to the Bolt Action/Gates of Antares dice pull activation system. It provides enough uncertainty that you can't really carry out your planned tactics for winning the mission without the other side throwing a monkey wrench into your plans. But you do have to play 2-handed.

With 20 warbands and 12 missions, Star Breach is really value for money because the core rules are FREE! I supported the game designer by getting the full PDF rules and 2 sets of bespoke dice though, because the game is that much fun.

Again, this game emphasises storytelling over tournament play, and encourages you to play campagn style to level up your warband. So all you need to do is grab some cool minis, stat up your warband(s) and you're good to go! It plays on a 3'x3' table and uses d6's (but always 2, so the curve isn't as limited as rolling a single d6). It allows you to field big, stompy mechs as part of your warband. It's free. You guys need to play this! (2-handed or using the dedicated solo rules. Your choice).

Highly recommended.