Fully painted!!!!

It's been a slow slog towards painting my minis (my metal and grey plastic pile of shame keeps getting larger and larger), but I determined to at least complete painting my Dropzone Commander armies. Two of them, anyway.

Since I last blogged about priming my minis and losing some weapon parts for the UCM ( 😢 ) I've been steadily working my way through the PHR and Scourge.

I started with the Scourge since they were the easiest and sure enough, after I'd primed them silver, I just washed them with Nuln Oil and when dry ran some purple wash over all of them before picking out highlights and weapons. Pretty fast. I think 2 nights of about 2-3 hours was all I needed.

I them moved on to the PHR which was a bit trickier, since the detail on them needed to be a bit more defined. Gunmetal for all metal parts washed with Nuln Oil then picked out the highlights for the walkers, IFVs and dropships. 

Then my main cheat: outlining the black lines with a pen. Sped things up immensely, let me tell you.

Now, so far I've been using Blu-tack to attach the PHR walkers and IFVs to their dropships. But now everything's been painted up, that felt so... tacky 😝. So I picked up some 3mm magnets and went at it.

Of course, I had to have painstakingly drilled the bottom of one dropship before I managed to find a Youtube video showing me that I didn't need to do that. Naturally.

Much better!

Now... only the infantry were left. Mentally, I knew painting 10mm infantry was easy. Prime a base colour, splash on blobs of colour and Bob's your uncle. But getting there was so... ugh. My major mental roadblock was: what to do for the bases. My usual dirt (while perfect for 28+mm minis) would have been too large for 10mm. 

Thankfully, I remembered watching an Uncle Atom (Tabletop Minions) video (P-Chow!) where he talked about using baking soda instead and whaddya know. It worked!

Once all 10 bases were based, I got down to splattering them with paint blobs. 3 nights later and I was done. 


Now, in between all this I'd been playing with partially painted minis. No more!

NOTE: I still have 2 battle reports on the Survey and Control missions from the new 2.1 rulebook to process and upload to this blog. Later.