Up next: Dropzone Commander 2.0

So I got the old Hawk Wargames Dropzone Commander 2-player starter set at my FLGS for a nice discount sometime last year. I even managed to get a tutorial game in (solo) between the PHR and UCM to learn the rules. (And for some inexplicable reason didn't post it here). Then I KIV'd it.

(Below are the only 2 photos I have of that game session):

Why'd I do that? After all, the game looks awesome, and it was fun. But... the CQB (Close Quarter Combat) rules were a major headache. Plus I knew Hawk had sold of the IP to TTCombat and was waiting for the 2.0 rulebook to be available as a PDF before I continued.

And time passed... and passed... and before I knew it, the rules were up to 2.1 and were free online! TTCombat seems to be serious about making the game a success. 

So, armed with a fresh desire to get me some more DZC goodness, I decided to paint up my minis from the PHR and UCM factions when disaster struck! I lost 2 vital components while priming the UCM. (cue sad music).

So I primed my PHR (thankfully without mishap)...

... assembled the Scourge starter faction and will play a game VERY soon!