New plastic crack!

It has been a looooong time since I last posted here... all thanks to the pandemic, I've been separated from the bulk of my tabletop minis (long story). I have parts of factions with me... but not the full game. And to top it off, I forgot to bring my Star Breach dice, so even that is not available to me. (After playing with the real dice, it's tough to go back to using vanilla d6's and remembering what they all mean).

BUT... I remembered I have a starter box of Terminator Genisys : War Against the Machine gathering dust on my shelves that I bought last (?) year at Warlord Games' fire sale for this game. Imagine paying £5 for a 2'x3' neoprene mat.

So I got out the super glue and... voila! A more or less 500 point battle force.

Next up... reading the rules and playing a game!

(And may I say Blogger's "new" interface sucks? Change for the sake of change, isn't worth learning a new GUI all over again. Especially when you need to take EXTRA steps to access functionality that was available in just one step. Sheeesh. Form over function rules. Apple has won! 😑 )