Strontium Dog Miniatures Game: The VERY Good!

Since I wasn't satisfied with my previous game, I re-set the table, added a bit more terrain and started again, randomly rolling for where the Dogs would enter.

In turn 1, they entered from the corner edge with the shack. They snuck into good positions and Bubba's Gang didn't manage to spot them (if I got the rules correctly). Bubba and Brute successfully activated and moved towards the shack. Impetigo was already facing that way but was on Guard duty. That was turn 1.

In turn 2... Wulf snuck behind a solar panel for cover. Then most of the Gang activated. Impetigo couldn't see anyone in his LOS. Neither could Low-Down. Then disaster struck for the Gang! Both Brute and Bubba had me (as the SD Agent player) move them how I wanted and I moved them away from the shack, facing away from the Agents.

Then Wulf charged Brute, catching him unawares from the back. No one was facing his way! And thanks to some amazing dice rolls... Brute was incapacitated! One down, 2 to go. Wulf successfully put his chip back in the bag.

The Agents played the Wondershot Chicanery card... and Johnny fired at Impetigo. Again, dice rolls. Impetigo was ALSO incapacitated! 2 down, 1 to go. The Gang wanted to play Firing Line... but only Bubba would've activated. So decided to hold off.

What a mistake! Wulf went again... and charged Low-Down from the back! Some amazing dice rolls later and Low-Down was... well... down!

3 out of 3 and end of game. 

What can I say? I've had some incredibly swingy games before thanks to dice rolls... but this ranks up on top with the swingiest of them. That said, that's why we play these games. Even playing solo, the outcome can surprise you.