Strontium Dog Minatures Game: The Good!

So after my quickie test game last night, I quickly based and primed my Strontium Dog minis. Then spent about 40 minutes with some washes and I'm good to go! 
set up the first scenario using the 3x3 mat from Fallout Wasteland Warfare, the included terrain from the Strontium Dog starter set, and some bits and bobs I have lying around.


Johnny, Gronk and Wulf sneak in from the north east. Johnny manages to get his chip back in the bag as does Wulf. 
Max and Skull head towards the NE, thinking there’s something fishy. 

Wulf charges Max and deals him 1 wound. Johnny shoots at Max but does no damage. Max uses Jet Pack to escape from combat with Wulf, then shoots Wulf, dealing 1 Damage. 

Both Johnny and Wulf fail to get their chips back in the bag so they are pinned.  

Brute Mosely moves towards Wulf and takes a shot at him and manages another hit. Not looking good for Wulf. Basically each wound brings all your stats down by 1 to a minimum of zero. When the number of wounds or stunned markers is equal to or more than your Cool rating, you're incapacitated and basically out of the game... unless The Gronk can scurry over to your side to try and revive you. 


Before Brute can charge at Wulf, the Dogs play a Raaargh! Chicanery Card. Wulf charges Mosely instead and deals enough damage to incapacitate him! Brute is basically out of the picture for now.
The Gang now play Firing Line. Max misses but Impetigo Jones deals Wulf another wound. One more and Wulf is out of the game and the Dogs lose this scenario!

The Gronk moves closer to Johnny and the Dogs play Wrong Footed, removing 2 normal Gang chips from the bag for this turn. 

Max goes next and he chooses Aimed Fire with his Blazonga weapon. Deals 3 hits to Wulf who only manages to block ... 1. Wulf is down and Incapacitated!
And that's all she wrote, folks! 

AAR: Hahaha. What a rush. The Dogs can’t simply charge in like that. Need to sneak around and take advantage of cover. Melee isn’t so hot. Unless you’re Brute who can roll 6 dice for damage, and 1 extra if he charges.

OK, simple game... took about an hour to play, what with looking things up and all. But lots of questions. Like how many Chicanery cards can each side play before or after an activation? How does the Jet Pack work? Attach to one character? (Which have been answered in an FAQ found on the 2000AD game FB group). Once again, poor support from Warlord who seem to put out these quirky, fun games... then ignore them for their bread and butter historical games. Sigh. (This is separate from Warlord Games' after-sales support which is nothing short of outstanding, by the way.)

So... yes. Fun and quick and I see there’s potential for lots of memorable, cinematic moments... if the dice go your way. 

Need to re-play this. Hopefully with better results for the Dogs, else it's tough to move on to the second scenario.