Belated update

Star Breach : Rescue Mission!

I was all set to play a 150pt game of Twisted Steampunk to introduce the game to a new player, but my friend forgot to bring his Servants of the Engine minis and I only had enough Scions of the Sand minis to play my 150pts. Sigh.

But all was not lost! I also brought some minis to try Star Breach* with, and so that's what we played. Maybe 90uc worth of Space Dwarves (Mantic Forge Fathers using modified Legion of Man stats) and my trusty Nomadic Raiders... now nerfed to heck and back by the full 1.0 release. 

So we set up a 3x3 table, chose the Rescue Mission where I had to rescue the pilot and he had to either capture or kill the pilot and off we went!

We basically moved into position towards the centre where the pilot was. I tried a potshot at one of his troopers with my lowly Crew, and as expected, nothing came of it. (But yes, it's nice to use the real Star Breach dice at last!)

Again, we move up, taking advantage of cover and trade shots. He takes out one of my Crew! Dang! I try to shoot his Medic but my rolls are worse than... I can't describe it. High vantage point. Less than half weapon range. 5 Initiative... and I miss!!!!

I go for the high ground and start lobbing grenades everywhere. My First Mate manages to catch his Corporal and a Trooper in the open and the grenade whittles their health down just enough for my Raider to finish off the Corporal. The Trooper is done in by the grenade. Nice!

My Merchant Marine shoots at and finishes off his Medic cowering behind a barrier. He does shoot at me, but my soldiers all survive.

Then... his Sergeant uses the jet pack to full advantage and jumps on top of the building and does Close Combat with my Alpha! Uh oh! I win the first round, dealing him 1 damage. He wins the second, dealing me 3 damage... and the third, dealing me one! We move apart and my alpha falls off the building! Thankfully it's less than 4" so no harm, no foul... right?

I try to take advantage of his used up Alpha and my Crew climbs up the building and shoots him in the back! Dealing only... 2 damage. Sigh.


He wants to finish off the pilot instead of capturing her. I wanna save her. In the end, it boils down to the dice draw... and yes! The first die out is his! His Alpha shifts to where he can see the downed pilot... he rolls high. I roll ... snake eyes! Pilot is dead!
No, we weren't playing Infinity although the d20 and token seem to suggest it.
We assume that's the end of the scenario and victory goes to him.

AAR: Of course it's not the end! We should have played to Turn 6 then calculated our points. I probably would have won. As it was, stopping at Turn 4 like we did, I held a slim 10pt advantage over him with ended up to be a Stalemate. 

All in all, a nice game and my first proper game vs an actual opponent. Star Breach is nice and fast yet doesn't cut corners in the tactics department where height and cover do convey advantages and Close Combat is always lots of fun.

Need to play more Star Breach! 😂