Infinity Recon+ Lite!

So I taught some new players the core basics of Infinity as set out in the QSR/Red Veil rules. Very light. Very easy using just 3 troopers a side. 3 Alguaciles and 3 Ghulams.

They enjoyed it, but one was motivated to go to the next step, so with the same 3 troopers, I added a Lieutenant and Specialist profile via the Mayanet app so he could learn about Lieutenant orders and specialists for missions.

I set up a terminal in the centre of the board and the mission parameters were 1pt for each dead trooper/specialist, 2pts for dead lieutenant and 2pts for control/access of terminal at game end. Simple and fast. 

We set up on a 3x3 table as I forgot to being my Recon+ mat which would've given us a 4x3 play area which more suited Infinity.

He went first and moved his troopers cautiously up. I sent an Alguacil up a building to get a good command of the tabletop. Pros and cons. I could see a lot... but so could he!  I took a shot at him and won the face to face roll, but he made his armour save. However, he failed his guts check... which was fine by him as it allowed him to move out of LOF.

Again, manoeuvring for position, hugging cover and trading shots. Very inconclusive turn. I placed my "sniper" Alguacil into Suppressive Fire mode. I moved my Specialist into position, opening the door to the 8x8 mission room.

He retaliated by using one of his orders to climb up and shoot at my "sniper" Alguacil... and put me down! The way was clear for him to move another Ghulam into position, open the door then put him in Suppression Mode. Gah! I sent my Lieutenant to the side using the Lieutenant order to try and take out his Ghulam waiting by the door. 

This was the end of the game after 3 turns but we agreed to go for a 4th and final one. That was when I realised my error: the way was clear for HIM to send his Specialist in to grab the objective!

Sure enough, his Specialist went in. Flubbed the first roll, but got it with his final order. Drat! So I had my Lieutenant after the Ghulam in Suppressive Fire. Despite me getting him in the back (he was a bit careless with his 180ยบ facing) I only managed one hit and he passed his ARM roll. Dang! (We forgot to do his guts roll).

That was when I realised ... that Ghulam actually had NO LOF into my side of the room because the terminal was in the way! I could've gone in and grabbed the terminal in the first place!

So my Specialist went in and on the final order, managed to grab the terminal for a 2-1 victory!

AAR: It's a testament to the core Infinity gameplay that the game (simple as it was) was enjoyable and fast. The only reason I won was frankly, his inexperience. If he'd set up his Ghulam at the side door giving his LOF into the room, it would've been more difficult for me.

Still, he enjoyed it enough to want to get the Yu Jing half of my Red Veil starter which I'd been trying to flog off for a while now. So the day ended in a win-win for everyone ๐Ÿ˜