Twisted Steampunk : Damned Carter!!!

Played a 100pt learning game. Scions (Carter, Indigo Ford, Scarab Mummy) vs Servants (Nightingale, Tesla and a Lancer). 

The scenario was #5: The Boxes where the factions had to retrieve loot from 6 chests. 

The game ended in a draw. Dang. Mainly because we got a LOT of rules for the Servants wrong. This being the first time we played using them.

Worst model on my side : Carter. Could *not* cast a spell to save his life! Both spells Backfired on him! Then when he shot into a melee... rolled a crit and nearly finished off Indigo Ford! Best model: Scarab Mummy. Whoo! 9" Flight that allows you to land behind the foe and attack? Give me more!!!!

Best model for Servants : Probably Nightingale if used well, maximising her abilities. Worst model was probably the Lancer as a quick move in to tie him up in melee will negate his charge bonus.

Tesla was a wash since we misunderstood his Overcharge and Overload rules. Oh, well.

Verdict: the game is still fun. highlight of the game was Nightingale being down to Wounded... then Tempted Fate and got an Eye of the Engine card (just when my Mummy was going to attack and finish her off) that allowed her to switch places with another model on the field! Then when I was about to attack again with another figure... my opponent Tempted Fate and got another card that healed her back to nearly full health! What the-?! Simply awesome game. Lots of laughs.

Definitely a game that shines in narrative gameplay, so a mini-campaign of say 3-4 missions giving you a reason to do what you're doing is the absolute best way to play this game.

(Side note: I really think the black dice provided in the core rules pack are accursed. You cannot get good rolls with them... proven in multiple games with different players! 😜)