Even more Twisted Steampunk!

Recently, I had an opportunity to introduce the game to a new player who was interested in the world and the minis. 

We played a small 100pt learning game, Scions (Carter, Indigo Ford, Scarab Mummy) vs Servants (Nightingale, Tesla, the Lancer). Basically the same models as the previous game but with scenario #11 (Tendrils of the Engine) instead. 

The game was challenging. The Lancer and Tesla attempted to disrupt my control of the Tendrils, which Nightingale went forth to bring them under his control. Thankfully, my Scarab Mummy was the star of the show with his ability to fly and swoop in to attack and his double attacks. A steal at 38 points! Carter was much improved this time, managing to control Tendrils and bringing off attacks and invocations. Indigo had the least to do as she ran around the board controlling Tendrils with her 6 Init.

I won by wiping out the Servants even though I lost Carter. 

AAR: Yes, so the Scarab Mummy is my melee model of choice. Really deadly. Much better than the Guardians (and he should be at the cost!). Indigo Ford excels at grabbing objectives and she's no slouch in combat either although her weapons are a bit weak. Carter is a good all rounder even though I keep forgetting to use his Stern ability. Sigh. Mobility, cover, timing. All these are important in this game (and yeah, most others as well).

Good thing is, my opponent enjoyed the game so he's either looking to get the Guild or the Dickensians 😁 . 

(Sadly, we were so into the game I forgot to take photos 😞 )