Belated update

Deadzone Redux!

Much like Infinity, I first played Deadzone in its 1.0 incarnation and enjoyed it. Found it a bit fiddly, but it was fun and cinematic. Then came the Kickstarter for 2.0. I backed it, but when it came... I discovered I had I had to stat up the army lists myself. No more cards! So I put it in cold storage. After all, there were other games to play. But that pile of grey plastic in the corner of the room kept calling to me... then I joined the Deadzone FB group and their photos and AARs inspired me to take out my minis and terrain again. Battlescribe now supported Deadzone 2.0 so my last objection to playing the game was no more.

I assembled some minis for a quick 100pt learning game and played my first game of 2.0 solo to learn the new rules after 4(!!!) years away from the game. 

So the game was Search and Destroy, Forge Fathers vs Pathfinders. Forge Fathers won by wiping out the Pathfinders even though the Pathfinders drew first blood by killing the dwarf strike team leader. That'll learn the runts for standing all the way on top of a building with NO cover!

Thinking the Pathfinders were a bit too light to stand up to the Forge Fathers (even though they had a numerical advantage), I assembled some Enforcers and re-played the mission with a mixture of Pathfinders (for Tag) and Enforcers. 

Repeated the previous mission @ 100pts. Forge Fathers vs Enforcers. This time I threw in 2 Enforcers into the mix. An Assault and regular Enforcer. They did slightly better. But their inability to roll saves (and the FF's penchant of rolling exploding 8's) did them in even though they grabbed an early lead in terms of VPs. If I get the rules right, the FF are slightly better in close combat than the Enforcers, and even a lowly Brokkr can do serious harm once he comes base to base contact.

AAR: Deadzone 2.0 is still fun! I do miss the command cards though. But I appreciate the streamlined rules more and the command dice are a decent substitute for the cards (although not as flavourful). So I foresee more Deadzone for 2020, especially if I can persuade some members of my group to try it out.