Belated update

Star Wars Legion Skirmish

It's a new year! And this is my first post for 2020! 

Can't believe how fast 2019 flew by... but as I look back on my tabletop gaming, I think I did pretty well, averaging at least a game or two a month. considering my circumstances, that's pretty good.

So... Legion again!

Played a 500pt Skirmish game as the Rebels. Luke, 2 Trooper squads and 2 chicken walkers vs Vader, 2 stormtrooper squads and 2 jet bike units. Variant of the Intercept Transmissions objective. 

Played with full game rules and what a change it was from the Learn to Play Rulebook! 

Highlights : Luke killing Vader, a jet bike unit crashing out of the map edge, Luke doing a last gasp attempt to fulfil the objective but in the end the Imperials won because they eliminated ALL my units.

In my defence ... I misunderstood the game victory conditions and thought even if I'm eliminated, I can still win on points. Sad error. That was a scenario in Alkemy that I recently played. #toomanygames

Another error was a 500pt Skirmish game only goes 5 rounds and not 6.

AAR: The full game is so different from the Learn to Play! More crunchy stuff. Really brings it up to a proper tabletop war-game. Tactics now matter! And it's tough for the Rebels to take out Imperial squads so cover, cover, cover!