The Favour of the Engine

I re-played the previous scenario to get a grip on the rules after that first game.

Even after a die roll, both sides started on the same sides as yesterday.

Should have at least switched Deployment Zones to the other edges of the map.

Guild Favour. Scions Priority. 

Both sides jockey for position. Tricia attempts Windwalker on Shebset (G) but needs to cast twice to succeed. Carter casts Elegant Movement on himself and moves up. Guild plays a dirty trick and plays a Transposition EOE card, swapping Nebtu (G) with Carter, placing him in a vulnerable position. 


Guild Favour. Scions Priority. 

As expected, the Guild with Priority has Shebset (G) charge into combat with Carter... and she fails BOTH attack rolls!

Carter successfully disengages and moves B2B with a treasure. He crits the interact roll and gets the clue! Again!

Nebtu (G) moves up to take a shot at Carter. Even with The Engine Guides my Aim she fluffs the shot. What the -?

Tuya (S) moves into cover and shoots at Shebset (G). Misses even with The Engine is with Me card. 

Tricia moves up and fires at Carter. Hits for a massive 16 Damage! Carter loses 10HP and is Prone!

Hannu (S) moves into B2B with the Nebtu (G) and does a massive 11 Damage in CC, wounding her and giving Priority to the Scions!

AAR: the Scions are killing this thanks to incredibly crappy rolls on the Guild’s part. 


Priority Scions. Favour Guild. 

Carter gets up and moves towards the Scions deployment zone. Tricia moves up and fires at him. Does 8 damage, wounding him and giving Priority back to the Guild. 

Hannu (S) attacks the Wounded Nebtu (G). Fails both times. 

Shebset (G) charges Carter in the back. Having no other choice with only 2 HP left, Carter Tempts Fate! Gets ignored by a The Eye Is Elsewhere card! Favour to the Guild! Making amends for her previous flubbed attack, Shebset (G) hits! Does a measly 5 damage (due to rolling a 1!) but it’s enough to put Carter down!

Tuya (S) shoots Shebset (G). Misses both times even with a +2 to the roll! When the Engine withdraws its favour, it really withdraws its favour!

Nebtu (G), being Wounded and engaged in CC with Hannu (S) decides to disengage. But first she Tempts Fate ... and gets a Purity of Purpose card, giving her a +3 to her Finesse. Perfect! The Hannu (S) also decides to Tempt Fate and gets Excellence. Even better! Nebtu (S) now decides to access a Canopic Jar. Gets Qalhata and manages to Access the Jar. Chooses the Bleed (CC) perk. 

But after all that... Nebtu (G) fails to disengage! Hannu (S) take a free strike at her ... and Nebtu manages to defend! 

Nebtu (G) now attacks Hannu (S) in Close Combat ... and misses! Argh! 

Scions now play an Engine’s Retribution card, giving Hannu another crack at Nebtu. This time, he doesn’t miss. Rolls a “1” for Damage (what?!!!) but it doesn’t matter thanks to Boosted strength does enough Damage to put Nebtu (G) our of action! Priority goes back to the Scions!

AAR: what a swingy turn! The Guild curses the fact that they have lost Priority. 


Priority Scions. Favour Guild. 

The Guild draws a perfect EOE card: Lockdown. Meaning no one can pick up the clue this turn. Since the Scions have priority this is a huge blow. 

As payback, the Scions play a The Eye is Elsewhere card, taking favour away from the Guild!

Hannu (S) cannot charge due to Difficult Terrain crates and boxes. But manages to move twice into Shebset's (G) rear arc giving a +1 to the attack. It’s enough and he does 7 Damage. 

Tricia activates. Runs into contact with the clue. 

Tuya (S) fires at Tricia. Both crit their rolls! But technically the Hunter wins and hits Tricia no matter what!!! He does 9 Damage to her. 

Tuya fires again. The dice rolls come out to 11-11. Meaning the Hunter wins as the Scions have Favour! Does a massive 10 Damage, putting Tricia Out of Action! 😱 What?!!!!

Shebset (G) decides to Tempt Fate. Gets Mental Flood ... which moves her out of B2B with Hannu. Nice! She moves into the Dervish (S)’s rear arc for a +1 bonus and it pays off as they both roll 9’s! Does a massive 10 damage ... but not enough to Wound Hannu so Priority remains with the Scions. 

AAR: what a tense and surprising turn... for the Guild! Twists and turns everywhere! But since the Scions have Priority for next turn... it’s all but over. 


Priority and Favour: Scions. 

Guild plays an Engine’s Order card to confuse the Scions. 

So Hannu (S) activates first. Deals 7 damage to Shebset (G), Wounding her. She’s not out yet. But might as well be. She misses her strike despite Tempting Fate (Alchemantic Insight) giving her Favour... she can’t do anything with it as she misses her swing at Hannu (S). 

The Tuya (S) moves into B2B with the clue and picks it up. Not much else the Guild can do so they concede. 

AAR : With 2 vs 1 models left the outcome was never in doubt. But if Shebset (G) could’ve only dealt 11 Damage to Hannu (S) the previous turn... there might be a small tiny chance. Alas she didn’t. On such small things hang the fate of a game. 

So yes. The Engine cards really give the game flavour and can potentially cause wild swings. It was a fun game although I should’ve switched deployment zones for a different feel to the game. 

I was going to write in my last game that ranged combat doesn’t really do much ... but was proved wrong in this game. 

Also the minions... who are usually inconsequential in most skirmish type games are surprisingly strong here. They managed to get a lot done, and the game doesn't rely solely on the Named Characters.