Belated update

No Favour of the Engine

I finally managed to get a game of Twisted vs a real opponent. He bought my Servants of the Engine but didn't have time to assemble them so I gave him Indy Jones... I mean Indigo Ford... a Dervish and a Hunter while I took  Horace and another Hunter and Dervish. 

The game was played on a 2x2 mat and the objective was find the clue among 2 objectives. 

I had Initiative while he had Favour. I started off by having Horace cast ??? on the Dervish. He failed both times! Meanwhile my opponent moved his Dervish up and I used my Hunter to take a shot at him. Missed!

It ended up with my Dervish vs his. We traded blows back and forth and he'd reduced me down to 5HP, on the verge of Wounded but an Eye of the Engine card got me back to full health again.

Horace continued to be ineffective, whether casting spells or shooting. Ditto the Hunter.

My opponent circled the centre then went in with Indigo. She traded shots with Horace, getting the better of the deal while my Hunter couldn't hit the board side of a barn! To be fair, neither could his Hunter. 

Indigo managed to get to an objective point, only to discover it was a false clue! So now we both knew which objective held the real clue... but it availed me not.

In the end, his Dervish finished mine off, and teamed up with Indigo to attack Horace while his Hunter made off with the objective. 

AAR: On the on hand, I performed miserably. Rotten rolls (no, seriously! I had played the same opponent earlier with Infinity and even though I won that game, it wasn't because I had the better dice rolls but that I had a lot of auto hits, and he failed his armour saves) so it's not sour grapes. 😜

I also need to be more mobile and move my models up more. This is my third game and I noticed I'd been rather static all this while Not sure if it's due to the 2x2 table size. But I need to be more mobile and threaten more instead of standing off and making ineffectual pot shots.

On the plus side, my opponent really enjoyed the game, brief as it was, and was happy he'd bought the Servants. Some game mechanics were close enough to Infinity to make him comfortable and since he was experienced in tabletop minis gaming, picked up the Twisted rules pretty quickly and I had a cheat sheet handy to help him with some of the rules.

Looking forward to my next game, hopefully with fully painted minis this time.