Infinity Recon+ : Third time lucky!

Corregidor (Nomads) vs Tartary (Ariadna). Recon+ rules. Firefight mission. 3x4 table.


I go first but with only 6 orders. Jaguar moves up and activates a Panoply. Gets Mimetism. That's cool. 

Moran shuffles the Crazy Koalas around. Due to me being inexperienced with them I expose one to get shot at by a Line Kazak... it promptly blows up. Gah.

I deploy my 3-man fireteam (Brigada + 2 Alguaciles) to cover my left flank. 

Nomads 1. Ariadna 0. 

My opponent moves his Veteran Kazak up. It's scary! I take shots at it to no avail. My Mobile Brigada and Alguacil both miss. 

He shoots at my Alguacil. He misses but I fail my Guts roll. I opt to go Prone. Big mistake. He bounces up the building and gets ARO'd by my Brigada. 

This time I hit. 2 shots (from being in a Fireteam). He fails his ARM rolls and goes down as I opt for AP ammo with the Multi Rifle. Phew! Turns out that was his Datatracker and Lieutenant! 

Sadly he has Chain of Command so he doesn't go into Loss of Lieutenant. He moves his Scout up and onto a commanding location where he can cover half the board. Moves up his Camo Tankhunter. 

Nomads 5. Ariadna 0. 



My opponent has covered his rear too well. There's nowhere for me to drop my Tomcats. 

I move my Salyut up and resupply the Moran with more Crazy Koalas. My opponent complains I've shut down half the table with 3 Crazy Koalas. That's the idea 😈

I take a shot at his Scout with my Fireteam Mobile Brigada Leader. 4 shots vs 1 and I'm the one that takes a wound!!! It's too risky to go into Loss of Lieutenant now so I pull my guy back into cover. 

I reposition my Fireteam, bringing my Alguacil down off the rooftops.  

I drop my Tomcat Engineer into the centre and decide to climb up and into the central Panoply instead. 

I drop my Tomcat Doctor down on the left, close to the Panoply. 

Nomads 5. Ariadna 0


My opponent decides to take out my Crazy Koalas. He activates his 112 Motorbike Doc and gets blown up for his troubles! 

The Scout goes to work and takes out 2 more Crazy Koalas clearing the way for his Kazak Fireteam to move up. 

They take out my Salyut and my Moran with Boarding Shotgun. I was at point blank range with a blast template and I still whiffed the shot!!! Argh!!! My hacker manages to Spotlight his team leader but it doesn't help for this round. (Note : I should have hacked them as soon as they came within 8" of my Moran as an ARO instead of waiting till they came into LOF.) 

Nomads 5. Ariadna 0. 


I move my Tomcat Engineer up the building hoping to activate the Panoply there. But first I have to navigate the hazard of the Scout... and fails. 3 shots vs 1 ARO shot and I fail the roll???????!!! Seriously. That's the trend of all my games today. I won not because of my rolls but because my opponent failed his. 

Knowing that the Kazak Fireteam wants to head for the Panoply, I reposition my Fireteam to cover the approach from my centre. 

I don't want to risk my Tomcat Doctor vs the Scout again. So I activate my (almost forgotten) Jaguar. 

He pops smoke and enters it. And here's our biggest mistake. Even though the Jag has a Chain Rifle, inside the smoke it's not an auto hit. Need an opposed roll. Anyway, we play it as a direct template shot. It hits 2 Line Kazaks and the 3rd manages to dodge. But the 2 make their ARM rolls. So he moves into a better location and tries again. This time all 3 fail both their Dodges and their ARM rolls! Phew! Because the way I'd been rolling I would've missed my WIP Speculative Fire roll in the first place. 

With only 2 troops left my opponent concedes as there's no way for him to catch up with the Loss of Lieutenant as well as Loss of Datatracker. 

AAR: Once more my Tomcats underperform. Not sure what else I can do to maximise their points. Although I could've tried to use the Jaguar to pop smoke to cover their movement? Also I got the demolish 2 buildings classified objective that I probably should've used my Engineer to accomplish instead of going face to face with the Scout. Need to have a backup plan if I can't drop my Tomcats where I wanted them. 

Also not sure how to maximise my Fireteam given that my Brigada was also my Lieutenant. Getting that Wound from a single shot ARO was very unnerving. 

Also need to work out how to maximise coverage of my Crazy Koalas and Moran. Having 2 Repeaters (Salyut and Moran) so close together was definitely sub-optimal in maximising my hacker's ZOC.  I wanted the Salyut to be within reach of the Moran to resupply his Crazy Koalas. But having them base to base was probably too much. 

Jaguar was again MVP. Performed way above his points cost. Even then I do need to learn how to maximise his usage. 

So... all in all, even though I won, I wasn't happy with how I played. Not maximal and I wasted my Tomcats.

Oh, and I didn't manage (again!) to accomplish any of my classified objectives. Sigh.