Alkemy. It's a fun little skirmish game with some unique minis and rules. The poker-like choosing of Combat Cards is a real fun mind game when engaging in melee. I realised I hadn't played a game since 2015. Wow. 😱

So when I got a chance to play a game recently I leapt at it.

A slow introduction back to the game. Jin Posts. 180 points. I was the Khaliman cats vs the indigenous Aurloks. 
(Khaliman are the cats with long tails)
Despite me saying (repeatedly) killing off the other side will only result in a draw,  while the only way to win is to control the Jin Posts, my opponent went for the kill.
("Diplomatic Immunity! Diplo- ugh!!!")
So the end result was: he killed my poor leader the Sheikh (despite his diplomatic immunity!) with his two Auroch warriors (we joked after that: they were so dumb when my Sheikh waved his diplomatic papers in the air crying "diplomatic immunity! diplomatic immu-- ugh!!!" because they couldn't read and didn't know what it meant 😂). And he killed my Ghulam as well... supposedly one of my better warriors.
The Ghulam: big but pillow-fisted

But I controlled the posts and won 4-0 at the end of turn 2.

AAR: I'd never played Khaliman before so I was a bit shocked at their speed. 20 inches for the Malikh Jeharists?!!! But also a bit shocked at how little damage they did in melee vs the Aurloks. (I also rolled poorly the entire game). My opponent should've thrown caution to the wind and raced to contest the posts but he thought he could whittle me down first (I had 7 models vs his 6) before doing so.

Really not much to talk about tactics for this game because it was an outright race to the centre of the table and have at it. Hopefully can try another game again... with a different scenario where the centre isn't so dominant.