Infinity Recon+

Mission : Firefight on a 3x4 map (because I didn't have enough terrain for a full 4x4). 

Yu Jing vs Corregidor Sectorial

Yu Jing turn 1 : 

His Zanshi FO moved up and killed my Alguacil hacker 😢. I failed my ARO. He didn't. Hit me twice. (Should've put my Hacker prone). 

His hacker did a Controlled Jump program to help his AD trooper. 

Then he dropped a Tiger Soldier right in front of my Camo Intruder (thought he was gonna shoot my Jaguar and Alguacil FO in the back). But he didn't realise an AD was a full action. 

So his Tiger could only stand helplessly as my Intruder came out of Camo and ARO'd him 🤣. Even with the HMG at -3 it was enough 🤣

Then his Zuyong moved up and shot my Intruder in the back and killed him 😢. The Intruder's back was turned to shoot at the Tiger Soldier. He shot the Intruder twice and it was removed from table. Then the Zuyong went Prone. 

Since my most dangerous trooper was removed, he revealed his Ninja as a Camo marker and moved up towards a Panoply. 

It was my turn I didn't know what to do... 

Moran deployed 1 Crazy Koala. (Error: should've started already deployed). 

Then since his Zuyong was the most dangerous unit with a high view of the battlefield, it was a priority to remove him. And the only model that could do it ... was a lowly (so I thought) Jaguar. So my Jaguar popped smoke all the way to the top of the building and CC his Zuyong. Caused 1 wound and ran out of orders 🤣 (Note: I could not have thrown a smoke grenade while I was inside the smoke zone. I need to move parallel to the smoke. Not inside the smoke). 

Turn 2: Lacking good options, his Zuyong CC'd me. 2 times. I killed him 2nd time. Doctor sent in the Servant to heal him. Jaguar ARO'd with Chain Rifle. Bye bye Bot. Bye bye Zuyong 🤣

(He should've sent in his Ninja to stab me in the back but he trusted in the Zuyong's ARM and BTS.)

(Note he forgot he had an automedkit and I didn't know he had one!)

Nothing left to do so his Ninja went to the Panoply and dug out an ADHL 😱

So I activated the Jaguar again and popped smoke all the way down the building and CC his Doctor. Bye bye Doc 🤣 

Lt. order moved the Brigada out into cover for ARO during his next turn

Yu Jing Turn 3: his FO turned to shoot my Jag in the back (poor positioning on my part). My Brigada  had a clear ARO (uncontested!) and missed. His FO took revenge on my Jaguar. Killed him dead. 3 times! So V:Dogged was of no use 🤣

Then he pulled his remaining troops behind cover bcos of Loss of Lt. not much else he could do. 

My last turn: spent all orders on my Alguacil FO. Moved to top of building to reach panoply. Yu Jing  couldn't ARO as no LOF to my FO. 

My Alguacil passed his WIP so got +2 Armour 🤣. End of game. 

We counted points. 

Nomad 6
Yu Jing 0

I was shocked 🤣

Thought I was done for after losing my Intruder and Hacker. 

Thoughts: forgot lots of stuff. I was Sectorial and didn't do a fire team: Brigada and 2 Alguaciles.

Didn't have any Classified Mission cards so didn't play that. 

Forgot Guts rolls but later found out it didn't matter for my Nomads. Either they were all V: Courage or they were killed deader than dead so it was moot. 

The only time it would've come in handy was his Zuyong could've failed his Guts roll to move out of CC with my Jaguar. 

Positioning : I thought I'd done well to cover angles without exposing myself too much but I lacked multiple cross fires. Plus I totally forgot about his AD Tiger Soldier so didn't have anyone watching my back. My Intruder definitely saved the day else the Tiger would've wreaked havoc in my back line. 

MVP: definitely the Jaguar! 10pts took out 57pts all by his lonesome! Talk about trading up!

Disappointing unit: the Moran. Couldn't do anything with him... but then nothing happened and he was just a wee bit too far away for the CK's to go after the Zuyong. Also made the error of not starting with them already deployed so I could actually do something with them).

All in all a fun game. I like the smaller number of units at 150pts although I'm sure I'll eventually go up to 300.