Infinity Recon+ Redux

Infinity Recon+

I managed to get in 2 games last weekend. Nomads Corregidor vs Yu Jing ISS

3 x 4 table. Firefight mission (again). Also: not may photos this time round... too absorbed with the game and how to manage the 2 ISS HI's.

I won initiative and decided to go 2nd. 

Basically a lot of mistakes were made in this game. Combo of me being such a newbie to the game and my opponent's FIRST game! (I was misinformed). The Warcor was too busy with other things to give us full attention so we muddled through. 

Setup: Alguacil at the back pretending to be the Lt. Moran and Alguacil hacker deployed prone. Everyone else behind cover. (Discovered later I could deploy the Crazy Koalas within the Moran's ZOC. Could've had a way different result during the contest for the centre Panoply).

ISS moved his FO into the room to activate the Panoply. Activated the CKs instead. They ran in and went Boom! Dead FO. 

So we thought he couldn't activate the Panoplies any more since he didn't have any more specialists (wrong!)

He moved his Imperial Agent up, just short of the Moran (no more orders). 

On my turn I brought in my Tomcat engineer, thinking to detonate my 2 buildings and claiming the objective card. But I got seduced by the opportunity to shoot his Imperial Agent in the back... unopposed!

The ISS player on discovering I could drop a trooper BEHIND him and he couldn't do anything about it!
Meanwhile the local Warcor (instead of helping with the rules) decided to promote his online store... 😂

I got THREE hits but he succeeded on his ARM rolls. Sigh. 

Then I chickened out and moved back to my main forces. Jaguar threw smoke and moved up. The Salyut moved up and replenished the Moran's CKs. 

Leaving me with ... no more orders! Salyut and Jaguar naked ... out in the open with no cover!


The Hsien moved and got my Tomcat dead. 2 hits. Failed both ARM saves. My ARO was a bust. 

Then he tried to shoot my Jaguar with his Celestial. I succeeded with my smoke special dodge. He used his Hsien to shoot my Jag until he dropped! (Note: he couldn't have done that. No LOF!!!)

Then he moved his Imperial Agent up ... just outside the ZOC of the Moran. 

I brought in my Tomcat Doc. She walked up and still out of LOF, succeeded in throwing a Medikit at the downed Jag. (Succeeded on a BS 15). Then the Jag passed his PH 10 roll with a 3!

That's when I realised my Jag was out of LOF of the Hsien in the first place! Oh well. 

The Hacker managed to use the Moran as relay to hack the Celestial Guard with a Spotlight. (Could not have done that... out of Repeater's ZOC... unless I moved the Salyut up first.)

That allowed my Brigada to pop out and exchange shots, even when the Guard was on Suppressive Fire. I was at BS7 vs his BS 5. I made it, he didn't and his Celestial went down!

That cleared the way for my Jag to move closer to the Armoury in the centre. But still naked and out of cover. 


ISS moved the Hsien to open the door of the Armoury, allowing the other Celestial (and Datatracker) a clear ARO should I attempt to activate the Panoply in the Armoury. Yikes!

Then he went for broke and had his Imperial Agent shoot at my Jag! My CKs went after him! Another mistake : Boost meant the CKs would reach him no matter what. But the Warcor said only 1 could reach as the other CK was behind and obstacle and could not reach with a 6-4 MOV. So one CK detonated and the Agent lost 1 Wound. 

He took out my Jag as my Jag failed the special dodge. He rolled a 15. I needed a crit of 13 to beat that and I didn't. 

My turn: sent the Brigada the long way round the building hoping to catch him with his back turned for my Moran to pop up with a shotgun. Instead he turned to cover both the Brigada and Moran. 

So then (another mistake) I sent the CK after the Agent. Couldn't have done that. But OK, but do 2 mistakes cancel each other out, since my CK could've reached the Agent any way in my reactive turn, giving them 2 unopposed hits since he chose to shoot at my Jag?

So the Agent failed this ARM roll (needing a 12+) and Shock meant he was dead as a dodo!

I was left with 4 orders. I needed to activate at least 1 Panoply. The one inside the Armoury was covered by 2 ISS models. Yikes!

So I used my Doc and moved towards the Panoply on the left. She climbed up and with the last Short Order of my last order, rolled 2 dice (and that's when we discovered even non-specialists could activate the Panoply) and succeeded with both! So I rolled on Loot 2 table and got a 7: Multi Sniper Rifle! Aha! (Again error from the Warcor: specialists get one WIP roll, but TWO rolls on the Loot chart). 

But anyway... that was the end of the game. Final score 4-0. 


AAR: in hindsight could've sent the Engineer to take out the Celestial Guard Datatracker. But I lost focus and paid for it. It would've opened up my entire right flank too. Attack where the enemy is weakest as he only had that CG to watch over that side. But that meant I couldn't blow up the 2 designated buildings for my Classified Objective.

Also, if I had known normal troopers could've activated the Panoplies... I would've elected to go first and deploy my troops differently with my Moran next to the central Armoury to activate the Panoply. Oh well.

Instead we all went head to head and toe to toe on my left flank! 

Again ... learning rules and I got lucky again. 

I felt bad bringing Crazy Koalas and drop troops to a novice's first game. If I had been given the proper info I would've brought a more vanilla Nomads list from the just the Icestorm box instead.  

Lots of little things that can be so easily overlooked. Like including +3 to ARM rolls due to Cover!!!