Belated update

Come over to the Dark Side...

So my FLGS had a SW Legion Day and I dropped by to help out, since I also helped to paint an entire core set so they could have 2 tables for demos.

Ended up playing a full 6x3 battle with 700+ points just using 2 core sets. I had the imperials. Scenario was Intercept the Transmissions with the Major Offensive deployment.

This scenario suited the Imperials and the speeder bikes. (Notice the incorrect deployment of the transmitters. Should've been lengthwise along the long edge.)


Speeder bikes zoomed up. Stormtroopers squad hunkered behind barricade. 

Walker and a Rebel squad moved up. Rebel player realised he deployed incorrectly with the chicken walkers too far back. 


Another bike unit and stormtrooper moved up. Ditto the Rebels.


Rebels moved into the ruins and up to the walls for heavy cover. Yikes. Thanks to Luke's command card, they also gained a Dodge.

A Rebel squad took a pot shot at my bikes with Ion weapon. Yikes! Thankfully I had Cover 1 and escaped that one but the subsequent normal weapon fire did damage 1. That's when we discovered speeders aren't subject to vehicle damage. Nice!

"Go get them... or else..!"


Luke moved up.

2 Stormtrooper units moved out of cover. One headed for the already controlled transmitter. The other moved towards the centre transmitter and too a shot at the Rebel squad. 7 dice rolled. ZERO hits!!!! The (in)famous reputation of the Stormtroopers being poor shots is proven to be correct!!!

But the bike unit managed to contest the objective and deny the point to the Rebels.

A Stormtrooper squad landed 4 hits on Luke... who managed to deflect them with his lightsaber! Sheeesh!


The son of Skywalker moved up and attacked the bike unit. Destroyed it totally too! (He shouldn't have been able to do that, as he could only generally attack only once. The card gave him a bonus attack, so only 2 attacks. Not 3. Oh well. Live and learn.)

Thanks to the destruction of the bike unit, I had to focus everything on the centre transmitter to deny the points.

(Apologies for the shaky photo.)


The Rebels opened fire on a Stormtrooper squad, taking out 3 models. Yikes!

The bike unit zoomed up... fired on the chicken walker... and the shots bounced off the armour! So the last stormtrooper unit moved up (not having to roll for suppression) and managed to edge into the zone to contest the centre transmitter.

Result: Imperials 4. Rebels 2. 

The speed of the bikes didn't really factor much into the victory since you can only claim points from turn 2 and 4 and end game. So it all came down to denying the Rebels points for controlling the objectives. 

The game would've ended differently with a proper deployment. Both sides would've controlled an objective each and the victor would've been whoever managed to gain points for control of the centre transmitter.

Suppression is useful IF you can land 2 shots on a unit... or you go first. Placing only one suppression token on a unit if you activate second isn't much use since you auto-remove one token at the end of the turn anyway.

Also, no matter how many points you use, your activations are limited by the 7 command cards in hand and a hard 6 turn limit. 

We each had 4 infantry squads, 2 vehicle units and a commander. But we basically only used 4-5 units. The others stayed at the deployment zone cheering the rest on. So in the future, we might take less units and just beef them up or get more (expensive both in points and price!) expansion units and go for quality instead of quantity. 

Where was Darth Vader in all this? He hits like a ton of bricks (as evidenced by Luke) but he's so SLOW!

"Wait for meeee...."

All in all... still a fun game. Pity for FFG's naked cash grab for Legion. I would've loved to get into the game if only they allowed us to use our Imperial Assault minis. (Since the quality of the Legion minis was no different from that of IA... with the added insult you have to assemble what are essentially board game quality minis).

But if that doesn't bother you, the game is fast and fun and the IP is probably only second to a certain grimdark tabletop minis game 😈